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How-to: Replacing Exact Synergy Enterprise Installed using Productupdater with Windows Installer

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Exact Synergy Enterprise can be installed by using either the Productupdater or Windows Installer method. This flexibility allows organizations to let their administrators control the installation of Exact Synergy Enterprise using Windows Installer (MSI), if required. However, these two installation methods cannot be mixed. If either method was used previously and the other method is chosen subsequently, you will receive an error message.


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If, for example, the Productupdater was used, and subsequently, the Windows Installer was used, you will receive an error message. In order to proceed with the installation, the current copy needs to be uninstalled first.

In order to maintain your existing database settings, it is advisable to backup the db.config file. In Windows Server 2008, this file can be found in C:\Users\Public\Exact Synergy Enterprise. In other Windows versions, the db.config file can be found at the installation folder, typically in C:\Program Files\Exact Synergy Enterprise. After the new installation is completed, replace the new db.config file with the backup version in their respective folders. By doing so, the new copy of Exact Synergy Enterprise would have the original database settings and you will not have to configure the settings again.

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