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Making quick and efficient decisions for your company requires reports tailored to your own business priorities and needs. With Exact Synergy you have a central, web-based environment that joins processes and facilitates teamwork. On top of this Microsoft Reporting Services enables you to create web reports that are both flexible and graphical.


With Exact Reporting Services integration you are able to centralize all reports, categorize them, define who can view which reports and have the possibility to deliver them via email. Now you have the insight you need at the right time!


Users, who have the Report Manager assigned, are able to:

    1. Maintain report groups
    2. Maintain reports
    3. Maintain data sources
    4. Maintain schedules
    5. Maintain subscriptions
    6. Start redeployment

The Report Manager role can be assigned to:


1.    Any Synergy User in which case the Report Manager Role count (YA0203) will be decreased upon assignment.




2.    Users who have the Professional Role in which case the available Report Manager Role (YA0203) count will not be decreased. Assigning the role to a user who already has the professional role, will not require an extension of your license.

The Reporting Services Integration requires the following software components to be installed:

1.    Exact Synergy Enterprise.

2.    Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.