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Exact Synergy Enterprise   

Exact Synergy Enterprise user license roles

Please click on one of the below links to read more about feature related to the following functionality: 

  Synergy user** Basic user Employee self-service user CRM role Professional role
CRM related functionality
Search for accounts
Access a compressed account card with address and contact person information
Create, view and search account related opportunities  

Create non-validated, prospects, suspects, associates, leads and reseller accounts  

Edit accounts where the user is account manager  

Merge accounts where the user is account manager  

Link accounts to the user's own division  

Search and edit workflows related to accounts or created by the user  

Full access to CRM functionality (in addition to CRM role the user gains access to export, mailmerge and marketing)  

Full access to Opportunity functionality  

Documents related functionality
Use documents in requests (as long as the document security level is >=10 and below the user's level)
Create, edit, search and view resource and project specific documents  
Create account related documents  

View and search all documents  

Create documents where fields "Account" or "Person" is mandatory defined in the document type/category  
Edit documents where:
- The CRM Role user is the creator or
- The CRM role user has been assigned ownership and the fields "Account" or "Person"" are defined as mandatory in the document type / category

Relate documents to projects  

Full access to Documents functionality        
HRM related functionality
Access personal calendar
View and edit personal card
Search and view persons
Full access to HRM functionality        
Projects related functionality
To be linked to a project as member or manager
Participate in projects  
Relate projects to requests  
Full access to Projects functionality        
Workflow related functionality
Create and realize vacation and tasks request
Access workflow
Number of different workflow request types that can be created (on top of that vacation and task)
Full access to Workflow functionality        
Access favorites
Read the Intranet news page
Access via Mobile (with functionality for this role, if applicable to the mobile solution)
Synergy Office Integration: Access functionality available for this role  

Full access to general functionality      

View items and relate them to requests  
Full access to Item functionality        
Access the preferences page
Access MS Reporting server reports, if the individual rights configured on the report allow that
Get the add-on Enabling Role

Access HRM, Documents and Marketing menus        
Access Customers and Workflow menus      
Social collaboration
Access timeline  
Add everyone or people based on division or cost center to groups, and post announcements to everyone

Administrate all groups

Set news property in a group        
Create and access workspace  
Pin workspaces for other users  

Create, edit and set default company workspace        
Create and edit company workspace

Above license roles can be extended with the following roles:

  Synergy user** Basic user Employee self-service user CRM role Professional role
Employee self-service role

CRM role

Professional role

Incoming invoice register role*

Report manager role*

Hour entry role*
Enabling add-on solutions role*  
Service management role*      
Project manager role*    

* For the functionality matrix of the roles marked with the asterisk (*) please click here.
** From Product Update 258 onwards, the Synergy user functionality will no longer be available for new licenses and existing licenses that are extended with the Basic user role. Note that for new licenses users without a role will no longer be able to gain access to the system.

Should you need more information regarding each role, please click on one of the links below:

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