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Product Updates 421, 420, and 419: Improved VAT invoice list for cash-based VAT (Hungarian legislation)

The VAT invoice list will now display the cash-based VAT transactions when the option Tax due date is enabled. 

This feature will be applicable when the Flexible VAT setting under the VAT section in General ledger settings has been enabled (accessible via System ➔ General ➔ System ➔ General ledger settings).

When the cash-based VAT code is used, the range for the VAT due dates will display the list of the invoice terms with the same payment dates. Note that when the Tax due date option is selected, the full invoice amount will be displayed in the invoices as the VAT invoice list does not support partial payment for the All date range option.

For more information, see Release 390: Extension of Cash-based VAT System in Bill of Exchange and Payment in Transit, and the related functional design document for product update 406, Enhancements on cash based VAT system for Hungary.

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