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Product Updates 422, 421, and 420: VAT return form for financial year 2021 available (Slovak legislation)

The VAT return form has been updated to support the tax submission for year 2021. The VAT return form been updated as follows:

Page 2

The following boxes have been updated as highlighted in the sample page:

In addition, the VAT boxes 26 (Sales basis) and 27 (VAT to pay) have been added with the description Rozdiel v základe dane a v dani podľa § 25a zákona (+/-). The VAT box 29 has been added with the description Oprava odpočítanej dane podľa § 53b zákona (+/-).

The VAT boxes 11, 12, 35, and 36 have been removed and the positions of other boxes have been adjusted accordingly.

The following screen displays the changes in the Vykaz_DPH tab.

Schema pripojenia boxov tab

The mapping of the boxes (Schema pripojenia boxov) has been implemented in Exact Globe Next as follows:

The following list displays the new set of VAT boxes for Schema pripojenia boxov:

For more information, see Product Updates 421, 420, and 419: VAT return form for financial year 2020 available (Slovak legislation) and

Note: Due to the form restructuring, and the repositioning of the VAT boxes, a new set of VAT boxes with the prefix "E" is now made available. You must relink these new VAT boxes to the VAT codes to generate the VAT return form and XML file for the year 2021.

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