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Exact Synergy Enterprise - Product Update 265 Summary

These release notes contain information regarding the changes in the software in product update 265 compared to the previous release. Before performing an update it is important to back-up the Exact databases and read the release notes and system requirements for the specific product update.

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CMDM General Merging of accounts under the same division available for Exact Integrator and Central Master Data Management (CMDM) The accounts that are under the same division can now be merged. The enhancement is available for Exact Synergy Enterprise with or without Exact Integrator or Central Master Data Management (CMDM) enabled. Previously, the merging of accounts was only catered between two different divisions. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={4834e681-e996-4787-80ac-095b9fa95f98}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
ELIS General Recode available for cost centres and item groups or item assortments for Exact Synergy Enterprise for ELIS with Exact Integrator add-on The recode functionality for the cost centres and item groups or item assortments will be enabled for Exact Synergy Enterprise if Exact Lightweight Integrator Server (ELIS) has the Exact Integrator (EI) add-on activated. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bf98c7a31-e350-4ec9-8b38-0174add3f2a4%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
ELIS General Clearing ELIS logs With this product update, the Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) logs can be configured to be cleared automatically. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={83f4ced7-fcc9-465f-96fb-0948c012308c}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Exact Payroll Plus Key Lookup Repair tool for key lookup data available for Exact Payroll Plus To ensure the consistency of data between Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE) and Exact Payroll Plus, you can now repair the missing key lookup data for gross wages, deductions, and surcharges via the repair tool. The key lookup data is used to create a link between the data in ESE and Exact Payroll Plus, and is used to make sure that the changes are synchronized correctly between the two solutions. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={028e6a20-3b42-4b0d-a784-9428efd39a02}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Exact Payroll Plus Key Lookup Payroll No. EE information enhanced for Exact Payroll Plus The Payroll No. EE information has been enhanced for Exact Payroll Plus. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={47c1fcf4-eed6-49c1-a2bb-533d6a64ed74}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Exact Payroll Plus Payroll Synchronization of job titles and cost centres in Exact Payroll Plus The job titles and cost centres will now be synchronized between Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE) and Exact Payroll Plus. For the synchronization of job titles and cost centres to work, the master data of job titles and cost centres in ESE must also be created in Exact Payroll Plus. The synchronization will take effect for job titles when the job titles have been changed for new and existing employees in ESE, or for cost centres, when the cost centre of an existing employee is changed. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={53a49469-cd78-45a7-90f5-344e6434063d}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Exact Payroll Plus Payroll Synchronization of employee information improved for Exact Payroll Plus As of this product update, the updating of an employee’s information in Exact Synergy Enterprise for certain fields will result in the synchronization to the latest active employment number. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={b0aa7414-ca93-4da7-b843-a97b387ce5c0}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Exact Payroll Plus HRM Synchronisation of employments improved for Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Payroll Plus The synchronisation of employments between Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE) and Exact Payroll Plus has been improved. This enhancement will facilitate the synchronisation of employment details, particularly for employees with multiple types of employments. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={05f21aee-1d7b-411a-875e-ef5b3edc3c17}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Exact Payroll Plus ELIS Improved integration with Exact Payroll Plus (Dutch legislation) We have made some technical changes in the different Exact components to improve the integration with Exact Payroll Plus. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={2a9b05cf-5f14-462d-b4f0-3a0e15a32962}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
General Exchange Web Services Implemented changes for the end of support for Basic Authentication for Exchange Web Services (EWS) to access Microsoft Exchange Online As announced by Microsoft, Basic Authentication for Exchange Web Services (EWS) to access Microsoft Exchange Online will be fully decomissioned and its support will end on October 13, 2020. The change will impact new and existing applications. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={6ef08305-d318-4243-aebd-adf167d45ad6}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
HRM General Name in official communication field relocated The Name in official communication field, which is used for Arbodienst integration and was initially located in the Sick report request, has been removed DocView.aspx?DocumentID={81307abe-bc3e-4fd1-915a-c41508ace3a2}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
HRM General End of absence check box removed from Sick report request In the Sick report request that is used for Arbodienst integration, the End of absence check box (in the Absence information tab) has been removed to simplify the request process. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={00b56169-cb6f-4c87-874f-09efe776703c}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
HRM General Type of correction field introduced in Sick report request The new Type of correction field is available in the Sick report request. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={9e7ec416-2cb7-45e5-b208-c9f5467ad84a}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
HRM General Processing code fields for Arbodienst streamlined In an effort to simplify entry of Arbodienst-related fields, processing code fields have been removed and will be updated automatically in the background (XML file). DocView.aspx?DocumentID={96cbfc33-a5df-408d-a5be-7590253efa6d}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Logistics General Price differences general ledger account can be defined for division assortments The price differences general ledger account can now be defined for assortments for divisions. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={f35cc1dd-a59b-4abf-80f6-a247ae5f4612}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Mobile General Release notes mobile solutions Exact developed several apps that are characterized by an intuitive interface which is not only user-friendly, but also beautifully designed. The apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows. For more information on the applications, refer to the release notes. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bbdf83160-7438-4994-813b-33b5e183c6a9%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Mobile Hour entry “Show All mandatory fields” setting for Hour Entry app added in mobile application settings The Show All mandatory fields setting has been added under the Hour entry section on the Mobile Apps page (accessible via Modules ➔ System ➔ Setup ➔ Mobile Apps ➔ Settings) to support the display of all mandatory fields when creating hour entries via the Hour Entry mobile application. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={11cd8882-b026-44a3-937f-06650df38232}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Mobile Documents "Notes" document type available for Synergy mobile application The Notes document type has been made available for the Synergy mobile application. This document type allows users to create notes on their mobile devices. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={94761e56-b55e-4df2-9f8f-068cf2c282e2}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Support for Microsoft chromium-based Edge browser Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE) now supports the Microsoft Edge chromium-based browser. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={fcbb846a-5a59-4d25-a0cf-a40963b74739}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
System General Enhanced sorting of search results Sorting of search results have been improved. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={82623b74-8525-4231-bd9d-5ab09a8e28f0}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
System Social Collaboration New features added for social collaboration New features have been added for social collaboration. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7be9dbd60b-e9bd-4112-9d70-78d1acee69eb%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System Social Collaboration Web security enhanced to block file extensions for attachment preview in Exact Synergy Enterprise To enhance the web security in Exact Synergy Enterprise, administrators can now define the file extensions that will be blocked for viewing in the attachments of documents via a new setting DocView.aspx?DocumentID={2f4b853e-0312-49e8-8e9c-6b48532dca7b}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Warning message will not be displayed when updating Exact Synergy Enterprise When Exact Synergy is updated, the installation files will be downloaded automatically, and no message will be displayed. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b4d3e7b20-77c7-429c-9cde-e377b8fedc77%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Microsoft SQL server 2019 supported Exact Synergy Enterprise will support Microsoft SQL server 2019. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7be2921d03-ca70-484a-8254-128a822e198f%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Service Management Product Update 264: Filter available for cost centre on Dispatch board schedule view page for Service management A filter will be available for the cost centre on the Dispatch board schedule view page. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bc2167f6d-3c65-470c-bfac-d774c77088b9%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases System Product Update 264: Push notification for chats added in mobile application settings The Push notifications for chat (Restart services after update) section has been added on the Mobile Apps page. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b6b522654-497c-4b66-8fb8-4081817d013e%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases System Product Update 264: Updated licensing model introduced for Exact Synergy Enterprise ESE will no longer accept .elc files from this product update onward. Only valid .elcx files will be accepted. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={2feae2bc-c079-435e-8755-b7a29b7f0be5}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Updates to past releases System Product Update 264: Updated licensing model introduced for Exact Lightweight Integration Server ELIS will no longer accept .elc files from this product update onward. Only valid .elcx files will be accepted. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={5155c23b-43fd-40a8-9af4-6acf9dfb5025}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Product Updates 263 and 264: VAT number in account card for NL accounts validated based on Mod97 The Mod97 validation will be added to the VAT number field in the account card. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b3b206fb0-ec9c-4b39-ac73-b9dca63136e8%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
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