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Exact Synergy Enterprise   

Creating e-mails with Word Merge on single processes

Menu paths

  • Customers à Reports à Accounts à Search
  • Customers à Reports à Contacts à Search
  • HRM à Reports à People à Search
  • Workflow à Reports à Requests à Search
  • Documents à Entry à Entry à Document: New
  • Projects à Reports à Search à Projects


Exact Word Merge offers a wide range of improvements over the mail merge functionality. It provides users with the convenience to create letters or send e-mails using the Word Merge process. The Word Merge services runs entirely at the server side and any request for a merge task will be picked up and processed immediately. To be able to perform Word Merge, a Word Merge template document must be created and the New Word Merge check box selected on the Documents: Settings page. For more information, see Creating Word Merge templates from Word Merge schemas and Setting up documents.

Roles and rights

  • To perform Word Merge, function rights 160 – Allows mail merge from resource search and 194 - Shows mail merge button in resource dossier are required. Users with the General manager, HR, and HR assistant roles have these function rights.
  • To perform Word Merge from account search, function right 200 - Allows to export account data from search results or 275 - Allows batch updates of accounts is required. Users with the Marketing manager role have these function rights.


·         For more details on function rights, go to System à Setup à Security à Function rights.

·         For more details on roles, go to System à Setup à Security à Roles.

What version are you using?

The information in this document is based on product update 250.

How do I send an e-mail with Word Merge on single processes?

  1. On the respective search page, define the search criteria, and then click Show.
  2. Select the required account, contact, person, request, or project, and then click Create email. Similarly, click Create email on the Document: New page.
  3. On the Templates page, select the required template.
  4. Under the Header section, type the subject matter of the e-mail at Subject.
  5. At From, select the sender’s e-mail.
  6. At To, select the intended recipient.
  7. Select the Save a copy check box to save a copy of the e-mail as a document in Exact Synergy Enterprise.
  8. Under the Attachments section at Document, type or select a document to be attached to the e-mail, if any.
  9. Under the Content section, define the required fields which will contain the data to be used in the merge process.
    Note: By default, certain fields are automatically defined.
  10. Select the Preview template link to view the selected template in Microsoft Word.
  11. Click Send email to start the Word Merge single merging process.

  12. Upon successfully completing the process, the confirmation message, “Your email has been sent and is saved to Synergy. Document number: XX.XXX.XXX” will be displayed. Click the hyperlink to display the Word Merge: Log page. Alternatively, you can directly view the status of the merging process on Word Merge: Log page. For more information, see Viewing Word Merge log report.

  13. Click Close to exit.

Keep in mind:

  • All fields marked with the “!” icon are mandatory.
  • Depending on the template settings, you may or may not be able to edit certain fields, such as Subject, From, and To as these fields may contain pre-filled values. The settings also determine if the current merging supports the Reference number feature. For more information, see Creating and modifying Word Merge templates and Customizing and using Word Merge Reference number field.
  • The error message, “Error: The email could not be sent.” will be displayed if the process fails or takes longer than 30 seconds.



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