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Customizing Request Type Fields - Contact

Customizing Request Type Fields - Contact


You can configure the Contact field for a request type on this page. In a request, this field enables the user to select and link an account contact to the request.


The following describes only the settings specific for the Contact field. For more information on the menu path, roles and rights, buttons, and other settings available in most request fields, see Customizing Request Type Fields (Main Document).

  • Search keyword: Type "contact" in the Name box and click Refresh. Click the Contact field to add and configure the field in the request type.
  • Automatic label: In a generated request form, the automatic label is "Contact".

Default section


Select an account contact as the default contact linked to a newly-created request. The user can change the preselected contact unless you have disabled the editing of this field for a relevant status of the request in the Edit section.

Note: The default contact should be a contact that meets the criteria in the Dependency section.

Dependency section



Select this checkbox to make this field dependent on the Account field of the request type. In a request of this type, the user can select only a contact linked to the account selected in the Account field. For more information on the Account field, see Customizing Request Type Fields - Account.

Note: The Account field should be included in the request type definition for this dependency to be effective.

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