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Customizing Field Names in Multiple Languages


At this screen, you will be able to view the terms or names of a particular field for a request in multiple languages. By default, the terms are automatically filled in by the system. However, these can be customized. The terms or names filled in here will be reflected during the creation of a request, whereby the name for each field follows the language that you have selected at Preferences.

Menu path

Go to Workflow/Setup/Requests/Request types, and select a request type. Next, go to the Fields tab and select a field by clicking the hyperlink in the Name column. Finally, click the  Edit the label for this field and translate it to other languages icon.

Roles & rights

To rename the terms of fields for requests, function right 5 - Create request types, and edit request types without responsible or function right 232 - Edit all request types is required. Users with the General manager and HR roles have the first function right while the latter is reserved for users with the Administrator role.

However, the person selected as Manager of the request type in the General tab of the request type definition can rename the terms of fields for requests without requiring any function right.

For more details on what you can do with function rights or levels, go to System/Setup/Security/Function rights, select the required module, and then click on the relevant ID. To find out the functions you can perform with a particular role, go to System/Setup/Security/Roles, type in the description, click Refresh, and then click the required link under the Role column.



Click this to save the names or terms for the field.


Click this to exit without saving.


Change the term for field Person section

Note: The name of the field in this section is dependent on the field that you have selected to set the settings.

Rename the term to

This displays the term or name of the field in the current default language, which is indicated next to the box. You can change the current language to another language via Preferences. For more information, see Customizing Exact Synergy Enterprise.

The term ID for this field is automatically generated only when you have saved the information at the Terming of fields screen. Created terms can be customized at System/Setup/Terms/Search. For more information, see Customizing Terms.

Language column

This column displays the languages that are available in the system.

Translation column

This column displays the terms or names for the field in different languages. You can rename the labels by typing the preferred names in the respective boxes.

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