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Defining account settings

Menu path

Modules ➔ Customers ➔ Setup ➔ Other ➔ Settings


This page allows settings to be defined for accounts.

As of product update 250, Exact Synergy Enterprise has introduced the Person (or Natural person) feature, which enables you to create an account based on a person. The term “account” or “accounts” will be used to describe both account types, namely, the Company and Person accounts. Otherwise, when used individually, the account type will be referred to as “company account” for account type Company and “person account” for account type Person.

Note: A person account can be registered as a prospect person account, customer person account, or supplier person account only.

Roles and rights

To define account settings, function right 222 – Maintain CRM settings is required. Users with the Administrator or Customer manager role have this function right.


  • For more details on function rights, go to Modules ➔ System ➔ Setup ➔ Security ➔ Function rights.
  • For more details on roles, got to Modules ➔ System ➔ Setup ➔ Security ➔ Roles.

What version are you using?

The information in this document is applicable to product update 252 and higher. If you have versions lower than this, certain features explained here will not be applicable.

How do I define and edit account settings?

  1. On the Accounts: Settings page, click Edit.
  2. Define the fields.
  3. Click Save.

Keep in mind: All fields with the “!” icon are mandatory.



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