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Exact Synergy Enterprise   

Overview of Free Fields for Accounts, Contacts, Addresses, and Contracts


This screen displays an overview of additional free fields that can be defined for accounts, contacts, addresses, and contracts.

Menu path

  • Customers/Setup/General/Free fields - Accounts
  • Customers/Setup/General/Free fields - Contacts
  • Customers/Setup/General/Free fields - Addresses
  • Customers/Setup/General/Free fields - Contracts

Roles & rights

All users can view the list of free fields for accounts, contacts, addresses, and contracts.
For more details on what you can do with function rights or levels, go to System/Setup/Security/Function rights, select the required module, and then click on the relevant ID. To find out the functions you can perform with a particular role, go to System/Setup/Security/Roles, type in the description, click Refresh, and then click the required link under the Role column.



Click this to update the overview according to the defined criteria.


Click this to remove the existing attributes such as the label from the selected free field. Once the button is clicked, a message “Confirm: Clear” will be displayed. Click OK to remove the attributes, or Cancel to cancel the removal.

Note: This action will also remove the selected free field and its information from the related account cards, contact maintenance screen, address maintenance screen, and contract cards.


Click this to exit.


The various free fields that can be defined are the Date, Amount, Text, Yes/No, GUID, and Number. However, the Number fields are only available for accounts and contracts, whereas the GUID fields are available only for accounts. Free fields can be defined by clicking the link in the Name column. For more information, see Defining Free Fields for Accounts, Contacts, Addresses, and Contracts. The check boxes will be enabled after free fields are defined. The defined attributes for the free fields can be deleted by selecting the relevant check boxes and clicking Clear.

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