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E-WMS - Items by debtor

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This document describes the maintenance of E-WMS 'Items by debtor' as per product update 407.



In menu WMS, Setup, Items by debtor you can configure an 'external shelf life factor' per debtor per item. This functionality was introduced in release 407.

You are able to configure one general shelf life 'factor' per debtor, in maintenance of debtors, WMS button. In addition, you can configure specific factors per item per debtor in 'Items per debtor'.

The external shelf life factor is applied and validated in following E-WMS process steps:

  • When generating a picking advice for serial/batch items (E-WMS setting 'Serial/batch advice' must be enabled)
  • When picking a batch or serial number (ASP only), in case of diverting from the advice serial/batch number - depending on the new ASP validation setting 'Full S/B validations'
  • After reading back and validating the picked lines


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