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Updating an existing E-WMS ASP environment: points of interest



When updating E-WMS ASP to a higher version there are some points of interest. This applies when updating to a new Exact Globe Next release, as well to updating within the same Exact Globe Next release.


There are three basic parts which should always be updated:

  1. the E-WMS software integrated within Exact Globe Next - these are automatically updated when updating Exact Globe Next
  2. the IIS server part (ASP files)
  3. the E-WMS/ICL RF services

The suggested procedure to update these components is described in document Generic checklist for Pick-IT update in Globe network environment.  All required E-WMS (or ICL) components are downloaded when updating Exact Globe Next (EGN).


These steps can be used as approach for updating an E-WMS installation. Please note it may not be complete for all scenarios.

  1. Read what was changed in the E-WMS Release notes (if upgrading within the same release: 'Improvements in existing releases')
  2. Make a copy of your WMS/ICL services configuration files to another folder (for example: make a copy of C:\Program Files (x86)\Exact software\WMS\E-WMS Fulfillment Service\E-WMSFulfillmentRFService.exe.config)
  3. Check what account was used to run the services, in Windows services management (Start/Run/Services.msc) and note which services are running and which not
  4. Uninstall the WMS and ICL services using Windows [Control panel/Programs and Features]
  5. Update EGN (network installation). All required E-WMS components are included in that download.
  6. Perform the EGN workstation installations, also on the E-WMS RF services server.
    For release 410 and earlier: also update EGN on the web server.
    For release 411 and higher: EGN is no longer required on the web server.
    Updating WMS ASP
    Assuming in this sample: E-WMS ASP base folder = C:\E-WMS\IIS,  temporary folder = C:\E-WMS\temp, backup folder = C:\E-WMS\Backup
  7. Have all scanners log out
  8. Either perform an IIS reset (Start/Run/IISreset) when E-WMS is the only web application, or else stop the E-WMS web site through IIS Manager (Start/Run/Inetmgr)
  9. Copy the updated ZIP file from an EGN workstation (located in the EGN program sub folder ..\INSTALL\E-WMS)
  10. Unpack this ZIP file to empty folder C:\E-WMS\temp
  11. Make a backup copy of connections.config (and terminals.config when still using IE as client) and any modified style configuration files, to C:\E-WMS\backup
  12. Delete all files and subfolders from the folder C:\E-WMS\IIS, except for the file connections.config
    Renaming or deleting the WMS ASP root folder would also delete the earlier configured user rights, so only remove the content of the WMS ASP root folder.
  13. Copy all files and subfolders from C:\E-WMS\temp to C:\E-WMS\IIS, except for connections.config
  14. Start the E-WMS web site again, if you stopped it before. You can test the web site by starting Internet Explorer and browsing to http://localhost/wms  (or your specific web site name) on the web server. Do not login yet, WMS ASP works OK when you see WMS login screen.
  15. Install the services you require, from the EGN subfolder ..\INSTALL\E-WMS\SERVICES or ..\INSTALL\ICL\SERVICES, using the same service account as before
  16. Restore the previous copied CONFIG files to the new services folders
  17. Configure the services to 'automatic start' (Start/Run/Services.msc)
  18. Do not start the services yet

    Update database
  19. Open the database in EGN and let it update if necessary
  20. From release 411: start a WMS Control Center. This sets the correct version for the ASP software version check
  21. When done, the services can be started, and the scanners can log on.

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