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E-WMS Scan Code functionality: working with alternate units



WMS scan codes are alternate means to identify a product, besides the Globe item code. E-WMS knows two types of scan codes:

1. the scan code in item maintenance (WMS button)
2. the scan codes which can be maintained in menu WMS, Setup, Scancodes.



Before Globe update 396, both scan codes types were only a means to use alternate recognition codes for items.  Starting from Globe update 396, the scan codes in WMS, Setup, Scancodes offer more functionality:  the sales unit that can be linked to a scan code is now actually used as a picking unit.

For example:
Scan code 'BOX12' is linked to item 1000G, as a box unit of 12 standard sales units (the standard sales unit being "pieces").

A sales order for item 1000G is send to status "picking".  On the mobile device, the order picker now has two ways to scan the item to pick: by item code, or by scanning 'box' code BOX12.

When scan code BOX12 is scanned, WMS shows the units to pick divided into 'boxes' and 'pieces':

This means: "To pick: 7 boxes + 0 pieces".

The original ordered quantity is 84, which equals 7 boxes. The quantity to enter is the quantity of the scan code used, so 7 'boxes' in this case. After entry of the quantity, WMS will transform this quantity to the standard sales unit, so will register (7x12=) "84 picked".


  • the scan codes in menu WMS, Setup, Scancodes are only available on the hand terminal when using RF, so that also applies to this new functionality.
  • if you want to use this functionality, and order lines are not always full 'boxes', you must enable the order setting 'partial delivery allowed'. Otherwise you will get the message "partial delivery not allowed" in the case of picking 7 boxes, when 7 boxes and 4 pieces were expected.   
  • when picking less than total expected (for example, when the total quantity would have been 88 in above sample, and first picking 7 boxes), the message "picked less" will still show. You will have to answer "no" to the question if the order line should be closed.
  • the scan code factor functionality is not applied when scanning EAN128 or HIBC bar codes, because the quantity included in an EAN128 bar code is always applied as being the quantity in standard sales units

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