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E-WMS: orders sent to the scanner are not visible on the scanner


E-WMS: orders sent to the scanners are not visible on the scanner.



After sending orders to a scanner (or group of scanners, or in general to 'all' scanners) these orders are not visible when starting the picking screen on the scanner, but are visible in the control center in status 'Picking'.

Possible causes:

  • The orderpicker has no rights for the warehouse
  • your communication method is not set correctly.
    - check the communication method for the WMS process, for example System/General/Settings/E-WMS Sales order fulfillment
    - check the communication method per warehouse in Inventory, Warehouse management, Warehouse, WMS button
  • Check if the order actually is visible in status Picking in the Control Center, and is not still in status Advice for example.
  • the database used on the scanners is not the same as used in Globe, check the file Connections.config in the E-WMS IIS folder on the IIS server
  • The order lines were sent to another hand terminal or other hand terminal group than you expected

You can use SQL Query Analyzer and SQL Profiler to determine in what files records are inserted when 'sending to scanner', or to see what query is executed when starting the order list on the scanner.

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