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E-WMS - Service schedules

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This document describes the maintenance screen of E-WMS service schedules as per product update 408.



E-WMS service schedules can be used to limit E-WMS Autoqueue in sending orders picking only during a specific timeframe, or only for selected warehouses.

These schedules are limiting to the selected E-WMS process only. For example, when a service schedule is configured for 'Fulfillment', and no schedule for 'Receipts registration', and Auto queue is enabled for both processes, following will happen:

  • Sales orders are only sent picking according to the configured schedule (limited)
  • All purchase orders are sent picking (not limited)

It is possible to define multiple schedules for the same process and warehouse, or another warehouse.

A reason to use a specific time frame for sales orders could be, that only after a specific time enough stock is available for fulfillment, and you want to prevent multiple partial orders are sent picking. To prevent this, you can also disable the Autoqueue settings 'Allow partial delivery'.

To enable filtering of order lines (split order lines to different scanners) you can also configure E-WMS scanner group filters.



E-WMS service schedules can be maintained in Exact Globe Next menu System, E-WMS, Service schedules, Schedules.  Press New to create a new schedule.   

In this sample, sales orders are only to sent picking between 14:00 and 17:00, for order lines in warehouse 2. Sales orders for other warehouses are not sent picking, unless scheduled with different service schedules.

Select one of the available WMS processes: Fulfillment, Manufacturing Issues, Receipts registration, Replenishment (available from release 408).

Start time (hh:mm)
Enter the desired start time for automatically sending order lines 'picking', format HH:MM


End time (hh:mm)
Enter the end time for automatically sending of order lines, format HH:MM
The start time and end time must be within the same day, the 'end time' must always be later than the 'start time'.

Select a warehouse for which order lines should be handled. This warehouse code can be left empty, in that case the timeframe is applied to order lines in any warehouse.
When the warehouse is specifically filled, auto queuing is only applied for that warehouse.

For the module 'Replenishment', the selected warehouse is applied to the target warehouse (to be replenished).


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