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E-WMS - Maintenance of Location Types

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This document describes the functional maintenance of WMS location types.


Location types can be maintained in Exact Globe Next menu WMS, Setup, Location types, Location types.  In product update 407 (in a later 407 update) and in 408, this menu changed to WMS, Setup, Location management, Location types. This menu is only available when SE1381 (WMS II) is part of your license.

Location type properties

Location type code
Define a code for the location type. Letters, digits and some signs are allowed, up to 10 characters.
Location type selection browsers are sorted on this code.

The description for this location type, to signify the usage for this location type. Maximum length is 60 characters.

Section 'General: receipts'

DPA target location
When enabled, locations linked to this location type are considered a target for directed put away (DPA), to store received SKUs or sales units.
When disabled, locations linked to this location type are ignored in DPA (this is the default setting for all locations not linked to location types), and the settings are used in E-WMS Replenishment only.
Applies to SKUs or sales units.

Variable stock validation
This setting can be used to regulate storing just one item, one batch or one batch end date on a location, at the same time, for SKUs or sales units.
To allow a DPA advice for SKUs based on dimensions, this setting has to be configured to 'Item code', 'End date' or 'batch'.

The following options are available:

  • No check (default setting)
    No limitations, any item or batch can be stored when this location already has stock When selected, this is not a specific location for DPA for SKUs (no dimension calculation is done).
  • Item code
    Only one item code at one time is allowed.
    This is the same restriction as already available in Exact Globe Next maintenance of warehouse locations.
    When either this location type setting is set to 'item code', or when the Globe warehouse location setting 'Type' is set to 'Variable item location', then this rule is applied.
  • End date
    Only one end date of the same item code is allowed on the location. Multiple batch numbers are allowed, as long as they have an equal end date.
  • Batch
    Only one batch number of the same item code is allowed at the same time.

Allowed stock units
These options are intended to limit the type of stock units which should be stored on linked locations. When there are no limitations, then all options should be enabled.

  • Sales units: allow sales units (for non-SKU items, or a SKU item, but for stock not part of a SKU)
  • Outer SKU: allow SKUs of main type 'outer SKU' (pallets), excluding incomplete or overfull SKUs
  • Inner SKU: allow SKUs of main type 'inner SKU' (boxes)
  • Incomplete SKU:
    This setting needs to be enabled when you also allow incomplete or overfull SKUs on this location type.
    This options is only available when one of above settings 'Outer SKU' or 'Inner SKU' is enabled.
    When disabled, this setting allows you to store only full pallets (where stock quantity is equal to the SKU maximum quantity) on specific locations.
    For incomplete, broken or overfull SKUs, the dimensions are unknown and not calculated, and may have to be stored on specific locations.

    It is best practice to allow 'incomplete SKUs' on receipt locations, so you are able to scan multiple receipts on the same SKU number (possible as long as the first receipt for that SKU is not processed yet)

Unit type
This setting configures limitations in storing different types of stock units at the same time, or to a specific SKU type, and is only applied to SKU items. The availability of this setting depends on previous setting 'Allowed stock units': only when a SKU type or a combination of unit types is allowed, then this setting is available.

The following settings are available:

  • Multiple unit types (default setting)
    Least restrictive, any combination of unit types at the same time, is allowed.
    Sample: this allows storing sales units and pallets on the same location at the same time.
    When selected, this is not a specific DPA location for SKUs (dimension are not checked).
  • Variable unit type
    Only one unit type at a time is allowed.
    Sample: when a location already has pallets (outer SKUs), only pallets could be stored additionally, and not sales units or boxes.
    When selected, this is not a specific DPA location for SKUs (dimensions are not checked).
  • Variable SKU/item configuration
    Only one SKU/item configuration at a time is allowed. These are the types defined in menu WMS, Setup, SKU, SKU per item.
    This setting has to be selected to allow for dimension checking and 'stackable' calculations for SKUs, in DPA.

Fixed SKU type
Allows to limit this location type to store only one specific SKU type (in effect: one SKU type per variable item). Only available when the setting 'Unit type' is configured as 'Variable SKU/item configuration'.

Dimensions: unlimited
When enabled, there are no physical limitations in storing stock units on these locations (like a floor or a dock). Also the 'real' dimensions and the setting 'stackable' are disabled in this case. When disabled, the real dimensions can be entered. Applies to SKUs only.

SKU stackable

Defines if SKUs (pallets) can be stacked in this location, used in DPA. Also the dimensions of current stock are considered, in combination with 'stackable'. Applies to SKUs only.

Dimensions (height, width, depth)
These settings determine the dimensions for the linked locations. These dimensions are compared with SKU dimensions, to determine if one or more SKUs would fit. Applies to SKUs only.

Section 'Generate picking advice'

Allow breaking up SKU
This setting is applied in the WMS advice calculation for issuing processes: sales order fulfillment, production issues and replenishment.
When disabled, E-WMS will not advice to pick loose sales units from SKUs on the locations linked to this location type, even when the SKU property 'allow breaking' would be enabled.
When enabled, you may be directed to pick sales units from a SKU on this type of location, if that SKU configuration allows 'breaking up' the SKU.

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