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E-WMS 'Auto fulfillment' by the E-WMS Fulfillment RF service does not use expected printer



You are using E-WMS 'Auto fulfillment', which means delivery notes are automatically printed to a specific printed after an orderpicker indicated he is 'ready' picking an order. The E-WMS Fulfillment RF service is running, and the settings to allow for automatic validation and processing are enabled. In Exact Globe Next, a form printer is configured for 'delivery notes'

However, the delivery note is not printed to the printer configured as 'form printer', but instead to the 'default printer' of the account used as logon for the WMS service.

Cause and solution

There could be two causes for this problem.

1. Form printer is user- and machine dependent

When changing and saving a form printer in Exact Globe Next menu File/Form printer, this configuration is saved to a file 'exactusr.ini', which is located in a Windows user profile folder of the current network user. This means that a form printer is user- and machine dependent.

When running a service like the E-WMS fulfillment service, you have to assign a specific account to run the service. The service will then call Exact Globe Next logic using these Windows- and Exact Globe Next credentials.

Please make sure that you configured the form printer using the same logon as used for the service, and on the same machine as where the service is running.

2. Exactusr.ini expected at another location

When running an Exact Globe Next process from a service, it turns out that the user specific settings configured in the file exactusr.ini are expected in another folder, than when running Exact Globe Next directly.

From Exact Globe Next (e4shell), the location where the exactusr.ini is expected and updated, is:
C:\Users\(USERNAME)\AppData\Roaming\Exact\Exact for Windows\4.0  (Windows 7, Windows 2008)  or
C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Application Data\Exact\Exact for Windows\4.0  (Windows 2003).

However, when running an Exact Globe Next process from a service, Windows expects the user profile files in this folder:
C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\Exact\Exact for Windows\4.0  (Windows 2008 x64).

This means, when you configure and save a form printer in Exact Globe Next, this is not updated in the exactusr.ini file used by the service. Therefore that process will still use old settings or default settings.

At the moment, this can only be solved by copying the exactusr.ini file manually; initially when starting to use the WMS service for automatic fulfillment, but also every time when updating printer settings after that.

This also applies to disabling the 'Print preview' option, which is also saved in exactusr.ini.

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