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E-WMS Replenishment: sample of splitting orders automatically

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This document provides details and a sample of the 'split order' functionality in E-WMS Replenishment, as available in product update 408.



From product update 408, you are able to split E-WMS replenishment orders automatically into separate orders per item code, source location and/or target location.

Splitting replenishment orders can be beneficial for:

  • Offering small workload portions per order to the warehouse employee
    One replenishment order can be limited to one item from one source location to one target location.
  • Allowing for faster processing by the WMS RF service of the individual picked orders
    When having replenishment orders with multiple (or even many) lines, the first picked line will only be processed after the whole order is picked and ready.



You can configure splitting of orders in menu [System, General, Settings, WMS Replenishment], section 'Send to scanner - split orders'.       

These settings are explained in the documentation of the WMS Replenishment settings.

Usage sample

A new replenishment order is generated, resulting in one order of 12 lines:

When sending this advice to be picked, the "filter order lines" screen shows, because the setting "Ask user" is enabled:   

After pressing 'Start', the order is split into separate orders per item code, and sent picking.   

On the scanner, these orders will be picked separately, allowing for immediate read back and processing of each single picked order.



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