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E-WMS - maintenance of Items per location type

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This document describes maintenance menu WMS, Setup, Location types, Items per location type.


Menu WMS, Setup, Location types, Items per location type gives you the possibility to link items to a group of locations by using the location 'type'. This prevents that you have to link each item to each warehouse location individually, which is possible in menu WMS, Setup, Item locations.  This menu is available from product update 402, and visible when SE1381 E-WMS II is part of your license. 

Linking items to location types is used:

  • in E-WMS Replenishment:
    • to assign a group of locations (linked to the location type) at once, as replenishment target locations;
    • to define the replenishment minimum and maximum level for a group of locations;
    • to specify the replenishment level per item and group of locations.
  • in E-WMS Directed Put-Away (DPA):
    • to configure the maxium quantity that will fit of the specified item on locations of a specific location type.
    • please note: this configuration is not used to specify preferred DPA locations; that is determined by the 'preference' which can be configured per warehouse location.


Select a warehouse for which the location type is to be applied

Item code
Select the item code

Location type
Select the location type

Minimum stock
The minimum stock level that will trigger replenishment, and also the level to replenish to; when the replenishment level is set to 'Minimum or requirement'.

Maximum stock
This is the maximum stock (in standard sales units) that will fit on any location linked to this location type, for this item. When you are replenishing based on order needs, and the total need exceeds this maximum, than the requirement will be split to two or more available locations linked to this location type.

Replenishment level
This setting defines the replenishment level for this specific item. This way you are able to maintain different replenishment levels for items which are sold frequently, or occasionally. The following options are available:

  • Default: as configured in the default settings for WMS Replenishment, setting 'Stock replenishment'.
  • Minimum or requirement: replenish just for the order need, or to the configured minimum level (whatever is the maximum of these two)
  • Maximum level: always replenish until the maximum (which is then always the quantity that fits on one location)

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