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E-WMS settings: WMS Fulfillment advice

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This documents describes the settings available for E-WMS Sales order fulfilment advice in menu path System, General, Settings, WMS Fulfilment advice, as available per product update 416.



The settings tab 'WMS Fulfilment advice' contains settings specific for advice generation for the E-WMS order picking process. These setting apply to how stock is selected before sending picking. The order of the settings is also the order in which stock is selected. The visibility and availability of settings depends on your license and on other settings.

Picking advice
This setting determines whether you want a calculated picking advice, based on your actual stock.

When enabled, the 'Advice' button will be visible in Control Center Sales Order Fulfilment. When advising sales orders, E-WMS will generate a picking advice from available stock and apply your picking advice preferences. These advised quantities are also immediately reserved within E-WMS.

When disabled, the 'Advice' button is not visible in Control Center Sales Order Fulfilment. When sending sales orders picking, there is no stock check done at this time. All lines matching (date) selection are sent picking, and the item default location will be advised to pick from, even when there is no stock on that location. These quantities are not reserved within E-WMS, until these are really picked.

When changing this setting. a warning message will show (from release 416, 415SP1 and 414SP8), since this has impact on E-WMS stock reservations and on Pick&Pack settings. Please read this document (section 'Changing the 'Picking advice' setting').

For following E-WMS functionality it is mandatory to have 'picking advice' enabled:

  • SKU Management
  • Pick & Pack (except Pick&Pack type 'Transfer')
  • Cross docking
  • Serial/batch end date (expiration date) advice
  • When check on available stock is required before sending picking

Picking advice settings are available depending on your license. One of following license modules is required:

  • SE1380 E-WMS I
  • SE1386 E-WMS Lite
  • or older licenses: SE5700 Pick-IT + SE5705 Route Optimizing

Collect advice per item   

This setting, including the linked criteria settings, is available from release 410. This setting enables the possibility to summarize quantities per item, per order or over multiple orders, before generating a picking advice. This allows to pick this item in less picks as possible, depending your other advice settings like 'location policy'. The criteria settings 'Delivery debtor number' through 'Shipping via' are only available when 'Collect advice per item' is set to 'Multiple selection'.

This setting has following selection options:

  • No: item quantities are not summarized (default functionality)
  • Per order: quantities of the same item within one order are summarized before generating a picking advice, presented as one total during order picking
  • Multiple selection: quantities of the same item are summarized over one or more sales orders before generating a picking advice, presented as one total during order picking. Choosing this option enables the settings 'Delivery debtor number' through 'Shipping via'.

When choosing 'multiple selection', you can summarize quantities per item over several sales orders, based on one or more equal criteria for these orders:

  • Delivery debtor number: summarize quantities per item code and per equal delivery debtor number, regardless of (changed) delivery address
  • Delivery address: summarize quantities per item code and per equal (changed) delivery address from the sales order
  • Order debtor number: summarize quantities per item code and per equal order debtor number
  • Selection code: summarize quantities per item code and per equal selection code
  • Urgent: summarize quantities per item code and per 'urgent status' (selection code for 'urgent' is linked, or not)
  • Shipping via: summarize quantities per item code and per 'Shipping via' or delivery method.

You can leave all of these options unchecked, in that case collection is applied over all orders you select at the same time in control center Sales order fulfilment.

You can read more about this functionality in this document.


Advice: batch numbers
This setting determines if E-WMS will calculate a picking advice based on date preferences for batch items, and also if a picking advice includes specific serial- or batch numbers.

When enabled, E-WMS will apply the preference from setting 'Batch: advice policy'. The picking advice will include specific batch numbers. A batch advice has priority over a location advice policy. The location advice policy will be applied on the already selected batch stock.
When disabled, E-WMS disregards batch dates and numbers, and will just advice locations where this item stock is available in general. The batch number advice is left empty, but these will still have to be scanned during picking. The only exception is when a batch number was entered in the order line: this batch number will always be send to the scanner as advice to pick.

Batch: advice policy
Since this setting is available in several E-WMS modules, this setting is generally explained in this document.

SKU FIFO policy
This setting is only available when your license contains SE1381 E-WMS II and when SKU Management is enabled. This setting gives you the possibility to still apply FIFO (First In First Out) or LIFO (Last In First Out) advising, based on the receipt date of a SKU. The setting is applied to serial/batch items and to standard items, for serial/batch items only after first selecting the batch/serial stock. This means when your batch stock consists of one end date, you can still ship out the oldest SKUs.

You have following choices:

  • No check: the SKU receipt date is not checked
  • FIFO: older SKUs will be advised first for picking
  • LIFO: younger SKUs will be advised first for picking

Assign SKU numbers
This setting was introduced in release 405, and is not a setting to determine what stock to advise, but how to advise SKU stock. In case multiple SKUs are stored on one location it can be more efficient to pick 'any' SKU from that location, instead of searching for a specific SKU number.

  • Always assign: SKU numbers are always assigned to a picking advice (working as in product update 404 and earlier, default value for this setting)
  • Serial/batch advice: SKU numbers are only assigned when serial-/batch items are advised and 'Serial/batch advice' is enabled
  • Serial number assigned: SKU numbers are only assigned for serial number items and when 'Serial/batch advice' is enabled

Not assigning specific SKU numbers to a picking advice has some side-effects, for instance the way how stock reservations are shown in WMS Item/Stock view. Since the advice reservations are not available on SKU number level, these can only be shown on item/location/serial-batch level.

Location advice policy
until Bulk locations: SKU policy
Since these settings are used in several WMS processes, please see document Picking advice: location policy and SKU policy

Allow partial delivery
If the setting 'Partial delivery allowed' in the sales order is disabled, then this setting does not apply.
When this setting is disabled, only sales orders which can be fulfilled completely, will be sent picking.
When enabled, the part of the sales order that is available, will be sent picking.  This applies both to partial delivery on order line level (50 of ordered 100 available) and partial delivery on order level (item A and B can be picked, but not item C).

When using E-WMS Autoqueue it may be advisable in some scenarios to configure this setting as 'disabled', to avoid sending many partial picking advices for the same sales order (in case many items are received during the day, to be shipped the same day again). When using Autoqueue and this setting is disabled, the order is only sent picking when there is sufficient stock available.

Allow partial delivery of line
If the setting 'Partial delivery allowed' in the sales order is disabled, then this setting does not apply.
When disabled, only sales order lines that can be picked completely (quantity 100 of ordered 100 available) will be advised.
When enabled, also sales order lines that can be fulfilled partly (quantity 50 of ordered 100 available) will be sent picking.

Advice allocated only
This setting has been introduced in release 410, related to WMS Allocations. This setting is only visible when the general setting 'WMS allocations' is enabled.

When enabled, and a sales order has allocated stock, then only allocated stock will be advised. When there is insufficient allocated stock available, the sales order will have partial delivery. When disabled and there is insufficient allocated stock available at the moment of generating the advice, additional stock can be advised from general free stock.

Reports setting
See document WMS reports

Immediate picking
When enabled, an advice is send to the scanners directly after generating the picking advice.
When disabled, the calculated advice is kept in status "advice", where it can be viewed or edited. This advice has to be send manually to the scanners. When using Autoqueue, this setting should be enabled.


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