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Generic checklist for E-WMS/ICL update in Globe network environment

This is a generic sample of a Pick-IT/Central Warehouse update procedure in an Exact Globe network environment


This is a generic checklist of an E-WMS/Intercompany Logistics (ICL) update procedure in an Exact Globe network environment. You may want to add your own specific procedures. 
Specific installation and configuration of E-WMS ASP is described in detail in document How to install E-WMS ASP (IIS part).

Recent changes to this checklist are indicated in green.



Preparations and planning

  1. When updating (to) Globe 397 or earlier or when you have customization in E-WMS or ICL: check if E-WMS/Pick-IT or ICL/Central Warehouse set supports the (new) Globe release you would like to update to. When updating the standard version: you should always use the same or a higher version of E-WMS/Pick-IT.
  2. If you are using add-ons for Globe or e-Synergy, make sure all the necessary installation sets can be downloaded with the product updater, or are available as separate installation sets
  3. Before Globe 398, the Pick-IT installation set has to be downloaded from the Exact FTP: see How to download Pick-IT.
    From Globe 398, the E-WMS and ICL files are always downloaded with the Globe product download.
  4. Before Globe 398: if you have the right Pick-IT/CW set available, extract this set to a new folder on your server where the Globe network version is located. From Globe 398, E-WMS and ICL are already included with Globe.
  5. Reserve some time for this update. The steps 'database update' or 'updating your terminal server' may be most time consuming.
  6. If you are using Globe on a terminal server, everyone on that server has to close all Globe and MS-Office processes prior to the workstation setup on this server. This may take some planning ahead.
  7. If you are using ICL or Central Warehouse with databases on separate servers: all Globe (and other custom solutions) program versions of all sites should be exactly the same.

Stopping processes

  1. Check if everyone actually closed Exact. You can check in SQL Management tools ("activity") if the database itself is in use, or in Globe menu System/Online monitoring
  2. If you are using e-Synergy integrated scenario; close Internet Explorer on all clients and stop the IIS-service on your server.
  3. If you are using e-Synergy consolidated scenario, or if you are using Exact Asimport to export or import data: stop all Asimport jobs in Windows Scheduled tasks and in SQL jobs.
  4. If you are using either E-WMS with wireless devices or ICL with services; stop all E-WMS/ICL services and uninstall these services prior to a Globe workstation update, otherwise uninstalling may give an error on invalid source (version).
  5. If you are using E-WMS ASP; stop the "IIS Admin" service on the IIS server. 
  6. Make a back-up of the Globe databases to be updated, and a complete copy of the Globe network application folder. You must be able to go back entirely to the old situation. If you are using e-Synergy, also make a copy of the current e-Synergy program folder.
  7. If you are using Globe on a terminal server, everyone on that server has to close all Globe and MS-Office processes. If these processes are still open, the workstation update will fail and will advise a reboot.

Updating Globe   

  1. If you need to update Globe itself (within the same version or to higher version);
    start NETUPDATE.EXE in the Globe network installation folder (=shared folder) on your server, and fill the form like this:


select appropriate version

Install mode                   

Internet network installation (update)

Web site                 

user name                    

it is important to use your own customer login name for the Exact portal, because of modules linked to your license.
E-WMS and ICL are always downloaded.





installation directory

local folder with Globe network installation

update software

during download

Download demo company  

will enable possibility to generate an Exact demo company, but will add over 300Mb to your download.

Download Offline help       

enabling this option will add the HTML help files to your download, which results in many files copied to each workstation. Leave this option disabled if you have a good Internet connection and would like to have up-to-date help file information.


'All' or your country


Fill with '-' or your details

  1. If you are updating Globe 398 or higher with standard E-WMS or ICL, than the previous step also installed E-WMS/ICL (Globe part).
    When updating Globe 397 or earlier: execute the Pick-IT / CW setup by starting CSSetup_AE.exe or CSSetup_NL.exe, and fill the screen like this:
    Install mode CD network installation        
    Local install. directory         Local folder with Globe network installation


  2. Now execute any other add-on custom setups you have to install separately, using the same install mode.    
  3. Start Globe on the server (if installed there as client before), or start Globe on a PC and update the database(s). Depending on the update, database size and server performance, this update may take some time. 
  4. Updating Terminal or Citrix server: If the Globe client also was installed on Terminal or Citrix server: log in as administrator on this server and check if all users have closed applications of Exact (e4* processes), and also all MS-Office applications. Then change to terminal server install mode ("change user /install") and start Globe to start the update. After the update, change back to user mode ("change user /execute").  
  5. Start Globe on all workstations, Globe should be automatically updated. If not, use the manual wsetup.exe method. Also keep in mind out-of-office notebooks using Globe. 
  6. If you are using e-Synergy (especially integrated model): update the e-Synergy application to  exactly the same release as Globe.

Installing/updating E-WMS IIS files

  1. When using E-WMS ASP, the IIS files on the IIS server must also be updated. Please see: How to install E-WMS ASP (section 'IIS'). The version of the E-WMS IIS part and of the E-WMS Globe part must always be the same.
  2. Please read document Updating an existing E-WMS ASP environment: points of interest, on points of interest when updating an existing ASP environment.


Updating E-WMS RF services

  1. This step applies to installing E-WMS RF (or ICL) services. When updating an existing version of E-WMS/ICL, the services must always be reinstalled (and reconfigured for server and database).
    First uninstall the services and perform the Globe workstation update only after that.
    1 note which services you are using (ICL only has 2 services), and which account was used to run the services
    2 uninstall all services through Control panel/Add-remove programs (or in: Control panel/Programs and Features)
    3 start Globe on the server/PC where the services are running, to update Globe itself (if not done already)
    4 reinstall the services from the Globe program folder:
    Globe 398 or higher: install from C:\Program Files\Exact Software\INSTALL\E-WMS\SERVICES or C:\Program Files\Exact Software\INSTALL\ICL\SERVICES
    Globe 397 or earlier: install from C:\Program Files\Exact Software\PICKIT\RF or C:\Program Files\Exact Software\PICKIT\CENTRALW
    Please note that service installer names may change in the course of time - so be sure to start the right installer files.
    5 Click 'Next' in the setup procedure and fill the login used as account for the services, including domain name (domain\administrator, for example). 
    6 Browse to the folder C:\Program Files\Exact Software\services (398 and higher) or C:\Program Files\Exact Easy Access (397 and earlier), you will see subfolders for each installed service. In these folders, edit the CONFIG file with Notepad, to include the correct server- and database name:
                 <add key="SQLServerName" value="SERVER01"/>
                 <!-- the database name -->
                 <add key="DatabaseName" value="001"/>

    (sample, please change 'SERVER01' and '001' to your specific data)

    Use the real server name or IP address, do not use "(local)".
    7 Go to [Control Panel, Administrative tools, Services] and set all E-WMS/ICL services to start type "automatic" (!) and start each service
    8 Go to [Control Panel, Administrative tools, Event viewer] and check the application log for any error messages from the services


Other post-installation considerations

  1. If you are using e-Synergy integrated model: copy the file csPickitCustomSolutions.sql (located in the Globe SQL folder) to the e-Synergy SQL folder on your synergy server. Please also do this for any add-on (with a SQL script) you may use. Globe and Synergy should have the same SQL-scripts when accessing the same database. After this, you can re-enable IIS, start IE and access e-Synergy. The database should not be updated by e-Synergy.

Restarting processes and checks

  1. Check on a workstation if you can open the settings in System/General/Settings, "E-WMS General". If not, refer to document I can not open the E-WMS settings screens 
  2. Re-enable any jobs and tasks stopped earlier, and check if all Asimport jobs work correctly. Any server running Asimport jobs also requires a Globe workstation update.


Trouble shooting

  • If Globe is not being updated automatically on a workstation, close Globe and start the workstation setup manually by starting \\server\share\wsetup.exe (from the Globe shared network folder). Please use the share name and no drive mappings.
    When starting wsetup.exe, it should look like this:
    release                                    release nr
    install mode                             LAN workstation installation
    folder                                      \\server\sharename
    local folder                               C:\Program Files\Exact Software (or C:\Program Files (x86)\Exact Software) 

  • When starting wsetup.exe manually, it does not indicate 'network workstation installation' type automatically:
    edit the file wsetup.ini in the shared folder (you need write rights) and change 'Installmode=5' to 'Installmode=3'. Start wsetup.exe again fter saving.  

  • See document 2.721.527 for specific Terminal Server Globe installation issues

  • When performing an installation/update from a CSSetup file some customer’s security policies blocks the zip file automatically when downloading. To solve this follow the steps below:

    1) Download the zip file that the consultant uploaded.
    2) Once finished, right click on the zip file and select Properties. Under the General tab there is an indication that the zip file is blocked. Click on the unblocked option.
    3) After that unzip the file and install.


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