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How to activate EAN128 barcode scanning in WMS ASP


Before you are able to use EAN128 bar codes, some settings have to be activated. This must be done both on the terminal and in the WMS hand terminal settings. This document describes the steps to take to activate EAN128 bar code decoding in E-WMS ASP. For configuration of EAN128 in WMS (Pick-IT) 'CAB' see document How to activate EAN128 barcode scanning in WMS non-ASP (Pick-IT CAB).


There are a few steps to follow to enable EAN128:
1.    configuring the hand terminals
2.    configuring WMS EAN128 settings
3.    enabling EAN128 per WMS process

Configuring Terminals 

First the hand terminal has to add prefix, suffix and a separator sign to the scanned bar codes. This configuration differs per model:

WMS General scanner settings

The general EAN128 settings for the hand terminals are configured in System, E-WMS, Scanners, General scanner settings. Edit or create a settings profile and use the following configuration (section General, part of the complete settings screen):

  • Display which value? - Never
  • Scanner prefix - (
  • Scanner suffix - )
  • Scanner Group Separator - $
  • Using scanner Code ID - None 

Scanner prefix

When this sign is encountered at the first position of entered (or scanned) input, WMS will assume the input was scanned and will start EAN128 decoding, if the setting "Use EAN128" was also activated for that WMS functionality.

Scanner suffix

When this sign is encountered in entered input, WMS will assume the text to be ended.

Scanner Group Separator

When this sign is encountered in entered input, WMS will regard this as field separator.

Focus to next field (EAN128)

ON = each separate EAN128 part scanned (decoded from the EAN128 barcode) can still be edited and has to be confirmed, so you have to press Enter on: item code, batch and quantity
OFF = WMS will fill all EAN128 parts (item code, batch code and quantity) but will not wait for confirmation one each part, and goes to the next picking line'
Read more in document Hand terminal setting "Focus to next field".

Use scanner code ID

Usage of the Code Identifier is optional. When you are using several types of barcodes in your warehouse (like CODE39 and EAN128) then you may benefit from using Code Identifier. When enabled, EAN128 recognition will only be activated when the scanned barcode is actually an EAN128 barcode and not when a CODE39 barcode is scanned. When enabled, the Code Identifier also has to enabled on the hand terminals. Read more about Code Identifier in E-WMS - Code Identifier

Scanner settings per WMS module

The setting "Use EAN128" has to be enabled for every WMS functionality where you want to use EAN128 scanning, in menu System, WMS, Scanners, for example System, WMS, Scanners, Sales Order fulfillment settings.

Activating changed settings

When using RF (wireless communication, ASP), these settings are read by WMS on the hand terminals when restarting E-WMS. When using batch communication (cradle), you will have to export the settings to each hand terminal in WMS, Send (batch communication), Send scanner settings.


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