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E-WMS - How to link a SQL table or SQL view with a Query Prompt to BarTender

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This document describes how to link a SQL table or a previous created SQL view to BarTender (Designer), when using the E-WMS BarTender 'client' method.


When using SQL as data source, use a direct SQL database (not ODBC) connection using a specific SQL user or 'Windows NT integrated security'. In the first case, enable options 'Allowing saving password' and 'Save user name and password to format'.

Put the desired bar codes and texts on the layout.

A BarTender query prompt field has to be used, so the label can be started for one specific transaction ID. To create a query prompt field, follow these steps in BarTender:

  1. Make sure the field 'Transactionguid' is available in the view

  2. Choose BarTender menu File, Database Connection Setup
  3. You will now see the Database Connection Setup screen, select the database name and then tab 'Query'

    In BarTender 2016 this is called 'Filter':

  4. Drop down the list box for 'Fields' and choose 'Transactionguid'

  5. Choose Operator ' = ' (equals)

  6. Drop down the list box for 'Criteria' and scroll down until you see 'New prompt ...'. Click on New prompt.

  7. You will now see a dialogue screen to create a new 'query prompt' (Bartender 8 and BarTender 2016):


    change 'Name'  to 'TransactionGUID'
    attention: this name is case sensitive, please use this literal same name

    Press OK

    Samples of the configuration in BarTender 8 and BarTender 2016:

  8. Press OK in the Database Connection Setup screen and save the layout.


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