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WMS setting "assign specific scanner"

In several WMS settings a setting 'Assign specific scanner'  is available. This setting is available in several WMS modules and decides how the 'work load' will be divided when sending 'guided transactions' to mobile devices in the warehouse.

Following options are available for this setting:

Transactions have to be send to a specific scanner (scanner ID mandatory) in the 'scanner' pop-up, appearing after choosing 'Send to scanner'.

After pressing 'Send to scanner' the 'scanner' pop-up does not show, the transactions are send to a general 'picking pool', where each mobile device can select from.

Ask user
The 'scanner' pop-up will show but assigning a scanner ID or group is not mandatory. When left empty, transactions are available in the general 'picking pool'.

Picking pool
When not assigning a specific scanner ID, all transactions (orders) can be selected on any mobile device. As soon as a device selects a transaction, this transaction is still assigned to this device.

Scanner groups
It is also possible to assign transactions to a group of scanners. These groups can be maintained in menu [System/E-WMS/Scanners/Scanner groups]. A group can be assigned to scanners in menu [System/E-WMS/Scanners/Scanners]. This group in scanner settings is not mandatory.

It is also possible to split one transaction to different terminals, see WMS setting "Filter order lines"

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