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How can I tell which E-WMS or ICL versionI have, or which WMSclient or CAB version I'm using ?



It can be necessary to determine what E-WMS or ICL version is installed, or what WMS client version is used.



Please choose one of following links:


View WMS release version in Exact Globe Next

To view the E-WMS release version from within Exact Globe Next:

  • go to menu [Help, About]
  • choose tab "Applications", building this list will take a few seconds.
  • Now type "F" (not "E"), you will see files like "exeasdkshell.exe" and their file versions. The last 6 digits is the release version.
From 24-02-2012, the release number consists of the Globe release followed by WMS release (401.166 in this sample):
For releases between 01-12-2011 and 24-02-2012 you will find a 5 digit release number (23045 in this sample):
Before 01-12-2012, the release number consists of 4 digits (5361 in this sample):

Alternately, you can start Windows Explorer and browse to the Exact software 'BIN'  folder, default this would be folder C:\Program Files\Exact software\Bin or C:\Program Files (x86)\Exact software\Bin. Search the file ExeaSDKshell.exe, right-click on this file and choose 'Properties'. In Windows 7, the file version is visible on tab 'Details', in Windows XP this is tab 'Version'.



Determine installed version of WMSclient

Start the WMSclient on PC or hand terminal. The client version is mentioned on the connect screen:




Determine installed version of CAB client

Start the CAB client on the hand terminal. The version number is shown in the 'splash' screen. Or, you can press the 'I' button in the main menu:



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