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E-WMS - 'printer' setting




This document describes the 'Printer' setting, available in most E-WMS process settings.



For each E-WMS process, it is possible to configure a default printer.

This printer is used only for the E-WMS reports, which are opened first in preview mode. When you would print this report, this printer would be used.

Under normal circumstances, this setting can be left to "-- Windows default --".

A sample application could be, that you are using a custom report for sales order fulfillment processing (attachment for the delivery note), and need a PDF file of this 'attachment'. Then you could configure this printer default to a PDF printer.


E-WMS reports are optional for each process step, but error reports are always shown. The WMS RF services never print reports - if you need a report, you will have to perform manual actions in the control center.


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