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E-WMS - WMS button 'Items by supplier'

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This document describes the fields that can be maintained in item maintenance, 'items by supplier', WMS button. This document is based on the functionality available for E-WMS I (SE1380), per product update 406.



In product update 406, the WMS button was added to Exact Globe Next item maintenance, 'Purchase/sales' tab, and when editing an item per supplier.           

Standard batch quantity

Used for Autoreceive, and applied when:

  1. the item is a batch item
  2. the hand terminal setting 'S/B number generation' is disabled (so only when auto receiving external batch numbers)

This field determines per how many sales units a new batch number will be applied. If you would receive 100 sales units and the 'Standard batch quantity' would be 20, then you would get 5 purchase receipt lines generated, with each a quantity of 20 and a new batch number in sequence. When the batch item is a SKU item, you could use a batch quantity of 200 while using a SKU quantity of 100, then you would get one new batch number, increased by the 'increment factor',  per two SKUs

You can also maintain 'Standard batch quantity' on item code level, using the WMS button in maintenance of items. When specifying a batch quantity per item per supplier, it takes precedence over the standard batch quantity per item.

Increment factor

Used for Autoreceive, and applied when:

  1. the item is a batch item
  2. the item is a SKU item, or no SKU item
  3. you do not use E-WMS Serial/Batch Generation (then the increment factor is always 1)


Whether these fields are available for editing, depends on the type of item: standard item, batch item or serial number item.

For a standard item, the button is available but the fields are disabled.           

For a serial number item, the 'standard batch quantity' is disabled, since that can only be '1' :           

For a batch item, both fields are enabed:           


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