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WMS/ICL 'report' settings


This document describes the report settings which can be found in the settings screens for most WMS modules.



After installing WMS and ICL default report lay-outs are available, for each step a basic report and an error report is provided.

Each report can be disabled, only error reports will always show when an error occurs. Reports are never shown or printed by the WMS RF or ICL services.  To view errors that occurred during processing by these services, the RF monitor can be used.

Default, these reports are quite basic and will report only for example the order number. It is possible to change these reports, for example to enhance the report with item details; in these cases it is advisable to give these changed reports a unique name, to prevent overwriting with updates. That is why the names of these reports are listed in the WMS settings screen for each module, and why these report names can be changed.

The reports will always show up as a preview and are not printed automatically.

Starting from Globe 395, these reports are compatible with Crystal 11. For older versions, these reports are still in Crystal 8.5 format.


Report name

The name of the report which is shown when sending orders to be picked. The report is located in the Globe 'RPT' folder.


Enabled: show the report after each action 'send to scanner'
Disabled: never show the report (the error report is always shown)

Error report name

The name of the report which is shown when an error occurs.



In the course of time, the reports have had different names:

  • 360        MIG*.rpt
  • 370        exeaPickit*.rpt
  • 393        Pickit*.rpt
  • 398        WMS*.rpt, ICL*.rpt




The reports are always based on the table csPickitErrorReport, because for each action in a control center (succeeded or failed) a record is inserted in this log table. From table csPickitErrorReport, it is in most case possible to link to other tables using fields like headerID, subID or Number. In most standard reports also WMS views are used, otherwise a field like headerID cannot be used to link to the order table (orkrg), for example.


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