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E-WMS ASP and remote warehouse

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This document describes the situation of using a remote warehouse (with no direct LAN access) with E-WMS.



It is possible to use E-WMS ASP in a remote warehouse. Please have a look at this sample scenario, where the main office hosts the SQL server, the IIS server and the RF services PC.  The remote warehouse has Internet access to the WMS site, by using a VPN connection over Internet. Using VPN is optional but provides a private connection instead of public connection.

A specific bandwidth cannot be indicated as system requirement for E-WMS, this depends on the number of hand terminals, and whether the bandwidth is shared for other purposes.  A bandwidth and performance test using the WMS client on the hand terminals is recommended, before going live.

SQL data is not exchanged over the Internet, only the IIS server accesses the SQL server. Between HQ and warehouse, only HTML or XML generated by the IIS server is sent to the warehouse, and input from the hand terminals is sent back. Exact Globe Next and WMS control centers can still be used by means of terminal server or Citrix solution. 



  • the IIS server is located in the same LAN (100Mbps/1Gbps) as the SQL server
  • the WMS/ICL services server or PC is located in the same LAN (100Mbps/1Gbps) as the SQL server
  • there is a reliable internet connection between the office and warehouse (enough to browse with several clients at the same time and allow network traffic from remote Globe client)
  • there is enough wireless coverage within the warehouse (a 'site survey' to establish wireless needs is recommended)

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