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E-WMS - how to configure LXE MX7/MX8 devices for GS1-128 (EAN128) barcodes




This document describes how to enable and configure use of a prefix, suffix, group separator and code identifier on a LXE MX7 or MX8 hand terminal, to enable optimum GS1-128 (EAN128) bar code scanning in E-WMS.



This document contains following sections:



This procedure only applies to Windows CE 5 devices LXE MX7 and MX8, or other LXE devices which have the same configuration screen for scanner settings.


Accessing the scanner settings

On the LXE device, go to Start, Settings, Control panel.


In the control panel, double click Scanner


In 'Scanner Control', choose tab Barcode


Configure prefix and suffix

Click on the button Symbology Settings.

  • Enable the checkmark before 'Prefix' and fill the prefix sign. Use the same prefix sign as used in the E-WMS settings.
  • Enable the checkmark before 'Suffix' and fill the suffix sign. Use the same suffix sign as used in the E-WMS settings.
  • If you want an automatic 'Enter' after each scan, add the characters ^M behind the suffix sign

    this ^ sign will not be available on the device's keyboard, use the virtual keyboard instead:
    - click on the keyboard icon
    - click on the word 'Keyboard'
    - drag the keyboard to the upper part of the screen
    - click on the suffix input field, behind the ")" sign if already entered
    - click on SHIFT and select the ^ sign
    - click on SHIFT again and click on "M"
    - to hide the keyboard, select the keyboard icon in the task bar and select "Hide input panel"

  • press OK in the right top of the screen to save the prefix and suffix settings
  • the configuration screen returns to the tab 'Barcode'


Configure group separator

The 'group separator' is needed to translate a hidden separator sign in GS1-128 bar codes, which defines where data fields with variable length end, like batch code or quantity. Without group separator, GS1-128 cannot be used properly.

Follow the steps in section 'Accessing the scanner settings' to show tab 'Barcode'. Press the button Ctrl Char Mapping.


In the drop down list 'Character', select the value 'Group Separator'. Than replace the value 'Ignore(drop)" in textbox 'Replacement' with the character you want to use as separator character. Use a character which will not appear in your bar codes for other values, for example "$" or "=". This has to be the same value as used in the E-WMS scanner settings 'group separator'. Next, press the button Assign. The assigned character is now visible in the top part of the screen. Press OK in the right top of the screen.



Configure Code ID

By using a code identifier, the scan head of a scanner returns a unique character (or characters) which identifies which type of barcode was scanned (CODE39, CODE128, Datamatrix, UCC13, etc). GS1-128 scanning works best if a code identifier is used, it has to be configured both on the scanner and in E-WMS scanner settings. E-WMS supports code identifiers 'Symbol' or 'AIM' (AIM from release 406).

Follow the steps in section 'Accessing the scanner settings' to show tab Barcode.


Select the drop down list at 'Enable Code ID' and select 'Symbol' or 'AIM'. Next, press OK in the right top of the screen. Saving this change takes a few seconds on the device.
Sometimes it is necessary to re-open this screen and press OK again to actually apply the chosen code ID.


Test the configuration

Start WordPad on the device in Start, Programs, Microsoft Wordpad. Scan a GS1-128 bar code, you can use this sample;

Depending on your configured settings, the scan in WordPad should look like this:



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