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E-WMS SKU Management: purchase receipts process

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This document describes the SKU receipt process in E-WMS when SKU Management is enabled. The details are based on product update 405.


After SKU Management has been properly set up, and SKU types and items have been configured, you can start receiving SKUs in WMS Receipts Registration. After creating and processing (printing) a purchase order for one or more SKU items, you can start the E-WMS Control Center to handle the receipts.

This document contains following process steps:

This document gives a schematic and visual presentation of the 'flow' for E-WMS SKU receipts.

Control Center status 'new'

Start the Control Center Receipts in menu WMS, To be processed, Purchase Receipts, Control Center.

Select one or more purchase orders to be received, and press the button Send to scanner.
Depending on your settings you can encounter the windows: Filter order lines, Send to scanner (communication type) and Scanner (group) selection.
After sending, the selected lines will have status 'picking' in the Control Center.

Receiving on the hand terminal

On the hand terminal, select menu 2 - Receipts and 1 - Receipts and select (or scan) the purchase order to be received.

After selecting the purchase order, you may see a list of order lines, depending on your settings. If not, you can enter or scan the item code:

Printing SKU labels

After entry of the item code, WMS will check if this is a SKU item.

SKU labels can be printed using the SKU label printing screen. Whether the SKU label printing screen appears automatically depends on the setting Auto. SKU label screen.

Please note: when you have configured your hand terminal settings to prefill and hide the receipt location, then the focus will immediately go to 'quantity' after scanning the item code.
You would then, from the quantity field, have to press OPTIONS and SKU, to print SKU labels; but the SKU number has to be scanned before entry of quantity.
To avoid this scenario, please enable the hand terminal setting 'Auto. SKU label screen', then the SKU print screen is automatically shown after scanning the item code.
E-WMS remembers whether you printed labels earlier, for a specific item in a specific order. When labels were printed earlier, then the SKU label screen would not show but a SKU number can still be scanned.
If the label print screen does not show automatically, or you need additional labels, you can press press the OPTIONS button and choose the SKU menu button to start the SKU label screen (in IE/ERF client: button ).

If more than one SKU configuration is found, you will see a list of available SKU configurations in the SKU label screen. If only one configuration exists, it will be selected automatically. Please select the appropriate SKU configuration. The number of ordered sales units from the order line will show as suggestion to print labels for:

The following information is displayed:

Item Item code
Qty to label The expected quantity in sales units to be received
Out.SKUType The selected SKU type code
Out.SKUDescr Description for this SKU type
Qty.outerSKU Number of sales units per SKU type
Out.SKU Lbls Number of labels to print
(sales units / sales units per SKU)

If you receive less or more sales units (as a total for this receipt, not per SKU), please change the total quantity accordingly.
From the entered quantity, the number of labels (SKUs) will be calculated, rounded up, in case of a last incomplete SKU.

In this sample, labels for 5 pallets are now to be printed:

After confirming the number of SKU labels, the printing will be done automatically by BarTender Commander, when properly configured.
These labels must be applied to the received SKUs (pallets or boxes), so scanning and registration of the SKU numbers can start.

From product update 405 it is possible to scan 'external' SSCC numbers as SKU number. Otherwise only numbers generated by E-WMS are accepted as valid SKU numbers.


Now the actual receipt can start:

  • scan location (when not prefilled and skipped)
  • scan the SKU number. You can scan the same SKU number more than one time, as long as that SKU number was already part of the same receipt transaction.
    You can only use one item (and one batch) per SKU number.
  • if the item is a batch item: scan batch
  • in input of batch start/end date is required: scan dates
  • quantity in sales units for this SKU, will be prefilled with the standard quantity configured for this SKU type.


When receiving a batch item, the batch will have to be scanned after scanning the SKU number. At the moment, you can only use one batch per SKU but this is not validated in the ASP receipt process.
When receiving a serial number item you will scan a serial number multiple times, after scanning the SKU number, until the SKU quantity is reached or your press the STOP button.

Now the next SKU is expected, with again (batch and) quantity, until the ordered quantity is reached, or until you press the STOP button (or in IE/ERF client: one of the buttons LINE READY or READY).

Reading back and processing

The picked lines which are 'ready' on the hand terminal, can be read back in the Control Center Receipts, after selecting Picking at the Status field, or can be read back automatically when the RF Receipts service is up and running.

Depending on your settings, the receipts can be validated and processed automatically after reading back. When these steps are not started automatically, it is possible to open a receipt and show the SKU receipt lines.

The SKU numbers can be changed, and are still validated when doing so (so they have to exist).

After processing, the Exact Globe Next shelf stock is updated with the total quantity received. SKU details are only visible in WMS reporting tools, as there are:

  • WMS, Reports, Item/Stock view (SKU stock details per item including E-WMS stock reservations)
  • WMS, Reports, SKU transaction history (SKU transaction details)
  • WMS, Reports, SKU stock (SKU shelf stock positions)

The next step would be to transfer these SKUs from the receipt location to warehouse bulk locations.

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