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E-WMS - maintenance of the WMS properties of warehouse locations

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This document describes the maintenance of the E-WMS properties of Exact Globe Next warehouse locations.



The E-WMS properties of a warehouse location are used in E-WMS Directed Put Away and in all WMS receipt location validations. The linked location type defines the stock storage rules for this location, what stock is allowed or not allowed.

Maintenance of warehouse locations can be started in menu Inventory, Warehouse management, Warehouses.

Open a warehouse and select tab Warehouse locations. Select and then edit a location, and press button WMS:


When creating a new location, you first have to save the location, before the WMS button becomes available.

Location type
Link an existing location type to this location. This is not a mandatory field, however to use this location for instance as a target location for E-WMS Directed Put-Away, a location type needs to be linked.

This preference indicator is used in the Directed Put-Away process, to bypass the default alphabetical sorting of locations. You can use this preference to configure locations which are good accessible (preference factor lower) and locations with less optimal access (preference factor higher).  If there are several locations in this selection with the same preference, then the alphabetical order will decide. The preference is a range between 0 and 99, 50 being the default (the middle), where 0 (zero) is the highest preference and 99 the lowest preference. 


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