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This documents describes the settings available for E-Mobile Sales in Exact Globe Next menu System, General, Settings, Mobile Sales, as available per product update 406.



The settings tab 'Mobile Sales' contains settings specific for E-Mobile Sales (mobile entry of new sales orders). Besides these module settings, also hand terminal settings have to be configured.   

This setting determines the default method of reading new sales orders from the mobile devices. This document provides more information on communication methods.

Ask user
When enabled, at each 'read-back' in the control center, the user is able to choose the communication method through a pop-up window. Under normal circumstances this option should be disabled. In practice this option will be used when you are communicating with different types of hand terminals - for example wireless ASP hand terminals, and also with CAB Activesync hand terminals (it is not recommended to use several communication methods in the same database).

Scan code
Determines how an item is identified after scanning an item- or scan code in the 'item' field. This document provides more information.

This is the default printer used when printing E-WMS reports; this document provides more information.

File name
See document WMS 'file name' settings.

Report settings
See document WMS reports.

When you are using E-Mobile Sales as a 'point-of-sale' solution you may want to offer the customer a delivery note and invoice at the counter. It is possible in Mobile Sales to directly start fulfillment, after reading back the new sales orders manually. This setting has following choices:

  • No: new sales orders are just read back as Exact Globe Next sales orders and can be handled as any sales order
  • Yes: after reading back the new orders manually, the fulfillment process is started immediately (fulfillment screen pops up)
  • Ask user: the user can decide on reading back, if fulfillment needs to be started at that moment (pop-up question)

This setting is only available when your license also contains E-WMS I (SE1380) or Pick-IT Basic (SE5700). Without one of these modules, you would not be able to start the Control Center Sales Order Fulfillment to solve any picking errors which may occur when starting fulfillment immediately.

Direct fulfillment for Mobile Sales orders is only possible when reading back Mobile Sales orders manually, in menu WMS, Entries, Read SO from scanner. Then the delivery note screen will appear after reading back and creating the new orders. When using the Mobile Sales RF service, while this setting is enabled, the order lines will be put to status 'picked' and you need to start WMS Control Center Sales Order Fulfillment to validate and process the orders. When using the Mobile Sales RF service while this setting is disabled, the order lines will just be created and the sales order can be handled as any other new order.

When you want to use immediate fulfillment, you will also have to enter on the scanner all fields that are required to perform a fulfillment, such as a warehouse location, when you are using locations.


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