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E-WMS - Maintenance of SKU types

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This document describes maintenance of SKU types in menu WMS, Setup, SKU, SKU types or in menu System, E-WMS, SKU types (SSCC Shipment builder), as per release 413.



E-WMS knows two main SKU types: outer (pallet) and inner (box). A SKU type can be any type of stock unit you are using in your warehouse, as long as you can apply a barcode label to it to assign a unique number to it. An inner SKU has the property that it can be stacked on an outer SKU (two-layer SKU configuration), but it can also exist as separate stock unit (box on a shelf) within the warehouse.

For WMS SKU Management or for Autopack/Shipment Builder you need SKU (pallet or box) types to be linked to items.


First you have to create SKU types:

  • for E-WMS licenses: in menu WMS, Setup, SKU, SKU types
  • for SSCC Shipment builder: in menu System, E-WMS, SKU types   


Press Open to open an existing SKU type.
Press Delete to delete an existing SKU type. You can only delete SKU types which are not used in 'SKU per item' configurations.
Press New to create a new SKU type.


SKU Type
This code (maximum of 10 characters) is used in SKU per item configuration to link an item to a SKU type.

The description (30 characters) of the SKU type - this will also be visible when linking a SKU type to an item.

Inner SKU item
Determines if this SKU type is to be used as an outer type or inner type.
When disabled, this type will be selectable as 'outer' SKU type in the SKU item configuration.
When enabled, this type will be selectable as 'inner' SKU type in the SKU item configuration.

The dimensions are used for 'Directed Put Away' (DPA) of SKUs, to match with the dimensions configured for locations.
You can configure default dimensions per SKU type, and you can also configure specific dimensions per item per SKU type.

Dimension Height
The default height (in centimetres) for this SKU type

Dimension Length
The default length or depth (in cm) for this SKU type

Dimension Width
The default width (in cm) for this SKU type


From release 413, it is no longer possible to change dimensions of SKU types which are already in use in E-WMS SKU Management (when SKU labels have been printed). In that case, you can still change the SKU type description. Also from release 413, a changed SKU type description will be visible in the maintenance screen of SKU per item, for the linked SKU type. 


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