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E-WMS - points of attention migrating CAB RF or CAB Activesync to E-WMS ASP


This documents describes some points of attention when migrating from (Pick-IT or) E-WMS 'non ASP' (CAB) to E-WMS ASP. Please keep in mind that other points of interest may apply to your specific situation.




Set-up, evaluate and accept E-WMS ASP first in a test environment.



When you are migrating from a Globe version prior to 398, first follow these steps.  These steps are not necessary when you already have Exact Globe Next 398 or higher installed and are migrating from non-ASP to ASP usage:

  • Please verify which version of Pick-IT/WMS you are currently using, by using this document: Which Globe versions are supported with E-WMS / Pick-IT ?
    Depending on the current type of Pick-IT/WMS version used, a specific conversion may be required: Pick-IT level 2 conversion (Exact employees only).
  • De-install any previous installed Pick-IT RF/CW services (before uninstalling Globe !)
  • De-install Globe on all clients using Software/Add-Remove programs, rename or delete existing Globe programs folder, prior to workstation installation
  • Perform a new Globe workstation installation
  • Update the database on a fast server or PC, this may take some time (depending on performance and database size)
  • If you keep using the WMS CAB version, you also have to update the CAB version on the hand terminal: WMS: reinstalling CAB because of rebranding in 398 and 399

These steps apply for any migration from non-ASP to ASP usage:

  • New: configure IIS server (and WMS RF and/or ICL services) as described in the E-WMS ASP installation procedure
  • If you used non-ASP (CAB) RF ; change the password of the 'pickit' RF SQL user to avoid using RF with Pick-IT 'CAB' on the hand terminals. Use this new password in the E-WMS ASP IIS connection set up.
  • New: set up scanner user logins
  • Set all communication types in the E-WMS settings to 'Scanner - ASP'
  • When using EAN13 codes as E-WMS scan codes:
    In Pick-IT CAB, the prefix ‘0’ was default truncated resulting in 13 digits; E-WMS ASP uses all 14 digits including the prefix '0' (in some cases this can be a different digit).
    This also implies that when using EAN13 product codes as scan codes, the usage of ASP and CAB RF can not be combined in one company unless you make some specific changes in the CAB terminal configuration.


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