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Intercompany Logistics (ICL): ICL Purchase settings

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This document describes the settings available for the Intercompany Logistics (ICL) 'purchase database' in menu [System, General, Settings, ICL Purchase], as from product update 409.


Following settings are available.

 Purchase database

This setting enables the functionality in this company as 'ICL purchase database'. Only after enabling this setting, and reopening the company, ICL purchase menu paths and options become available.


This is printer that default would be used when printing the reports that are shown as preview with the manual steps in the ICL Control Center.

Section: When to send information

Moment of sending orders

This setting determines whether purchase orders can be exported automatically by the ICL Sales export service, or only manually in the ICL Control Center.
Purchase orders can only be exported when they have the status ready to be received (authorized and printed).
The setting is applied in menu [Purchase, To be processed, ICL Purchase admin, Export purchase orders], and by the ICL Sales Export service.

You have following choices:

  • When printing: purchase orders can be exported manually or by the service when having status 'processed' (printed).
  • Using control center: purchase orders can only be exported manually in menu [Purchase, To be processed, ICL Purchase admin, Export purchase orders].
    The ICL Sales Export service will not export purchase orders.

Section: Export purchase orders to Central Warehouse

Report settings

See document WMS reports

Use ICL item code

Determines whether you want to use alternate item codes in the ICL central database, see 'ICL item code' explained.

You have following choices:

  • Never: the ICL item code is not used, even when filled
  • Only if not emtpy: Use the ICL item code, when filled in item maintenance
  • Always: Always use the ICL item code, even when empty.
    This means that all 'ICL item codes' have to be filled, empty 'ICL item codes' will result in error 'ICL itemcode: not defined'

Section: Process receipts

Report settings

See document WMS reports

Automatic processing receipts

When enabled, the receipt is automatically processed by the ICL Export service, after the sales order is fulfilled in the central company.
When disabled, the receipt is not automatically processed but the purchase order is marked as 'ready to be received'. The receipt has to be processed manually in menu [Purchase, To be processed, ICL Purchase admin, Process purchase orders].
This setting can for example be disabled, in case it takes some time for the goods in transit to actually arrive in the warehouse.

Use ICL dummy location

This setting was introduced in release 408 and determines whether you want to use the fixed ICL dummy location for all receipts automatically created by ICL, or use the item default location when available.
In earlier releases, ICL always applied first the item default location and only the ICL dummy location when the item default location was empty.

  • Enabled: ICL will apply the ICL dummy location as configured in maintenance of Accounts Payable (menu [Finance, Accounts Payable, Maintain], ICL button)
  • Disabled: ICL will first apply the item default location in the warehouse. Only when that location is not configured, ICL will still use the ICL dummy location.

This setting is default disabled.

Receipt per delivery by ICL

When this setting is enabled, you will be able to process the receipts via the Purchase ? To be processed ? ICL purchase admin ? Process purchase orders menu path. The receipts will be processed per delivery note number of the central warehouse. In addition, a new column Delivery note number will also be available in the selection screen.

When this setting is disabled, you will only be able to process the receipts per order of the central warehouse.

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