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E-WMS - Release order & re-assign order


This document describes how to release orders on E-WMS scanners, so picking can be continued by other order pickers. This functionality is available from release 412.

In release 411 and earlier, when an order was opened on the scanner by an order picker, this order was also assigned immediately to that order picker. Even when just looking at the order lines and not picking anything.

From release 412, you have two ways of assigning orders to colleague order pickers: releasing the order on scanner, and re-assigning an order through the E-WMS RF Monitor.

Release on scanner

This applies only to orders which were not sent picking to a specific scanner (so sent to 'all scanners' or to a scanner group), and covers two scenarios:

  1. Just looking in the order lines of an order and then leaving that order without picking anything (applies also when someone else previously picked part of that order)
  2. Picking part of a order and then choosing STOP/'Skip order for now'

In release 412, the setting 'Release order' is made available via System ➔ E-WMS ➔ Scanners ➔ General scanner settings.

With this setting you can configure how you want to handle both scenarios:

  • Do not release: The order is assigned to the scanner where the order was first opened (both in scenario 1 and 2; default value for this setting and default behaviour in release 411 and earlier).
  • Ask user when nothing picked: When after opening an order, nothing is picked and the order is skipped, following question will show on the scanner: "Will this order be continued by someone else?". If answered 'Yes' then the order will not be assigned to the current scanner. If answered 'No', the order will be assigned to the current scanner.
  • Always release when nothing picked: An order will not be assigned to the current scanner, in case of scenario '1'.
  • Always ask user: Ask the question "Will this order be continued by someone else?" in case of scenario 1 or 2.
  • Always release when nothing picked, ask user when partly picked: Always release the order in case of scenario 1, ask user in case of scenario 2.
  • Always release: Always release the order, in case of scenario 1 or 2.

When asking the scanner operator if the order should be released, a confirmation message will be displayed.

Release or re-assign order in E-WMS RF Monitor

Besides releasing an order on the scanner, a manager can also release or re-assign orders by using the E-WMS RF Monitor via WMS ➔ Reports ➔ RF Monitor.

To release or re-assign on or more orders, you can select these (using multi-select is possible) and then use the 'Assign' button.

The same 'Scanner' screen will show as when sending orders picking from a control centre.

You can select one specific scanner, a scanner group, or leave both empty to assign the order(s) to the general picking queue.


  • Assigning orders this way is intended as exception measure, not as standard procedure to assign orders to order pickers.
  • It is assumed that re-assigning orders is communicated with the order pickers in the warehouse. If you would re-assign an order from scanner 01 to scanner 02 while scanner 01 is still picking this order, the message "Data already in use on another scanner" will soon show on scanner 01, after which the order picking screen is closed.

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