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E-WMS - Real-time Replenishment

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This document describes the details of using specific E-WMS scenario 'Real-time replenishment', as introduced in E-WMS 408 with the new 'scenario' setting.

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In release 408 the functionality of 'Real-time Replenishment' was added in E-WMS. To enable this functionality a 'scenario' setting is available in menu System, General, Settings, WMS Sales Order fulfilment.   

This scenario assumes that you are replenishing based on sales- or production order needs. If you want to replenish just based on minimum and maximum stock levels configured per location, then there is no need to enable this scenario.


Benefits and specifics

Real-time Replenishment using scenario '1' offers following benefits, compared to the regular replenishment- and orderpicking process:

  • Sales orders can be send picking in full, even while currently there is insufficient stock on picking locations.
    This is because E-WMS anticipates replenishment within the same warehouse, and now checks whether there is enough total stock available in the warehouse
    • without this scenario, there has to be sufficient stock on picking locations before a sales order picking advice can be generated
  • Due to the anticipated (but not yet realized) replenishment, the picking advice for the sales order will always be for the default location of the item.
    • without this scenario, only locations actually holding enough stock would be advised, or in case picking advice is disabled, also the item main location would be advised but then without warehouse total stock check
  • Replenishment of picking locations can already be initiated as soon as something is picked from picking locations.
    To automate the generation of replenishment orders, E-WMS Autoqueue should be used.
    • without this scenario, replenishment requirements on picking locations would only be seen based on shelf stock = only after processing the sales order
  • Only when this scenario is enabled, order-specific requirements can be considered in E-WMS Replenishment. These are for example:
    • WMS setting 'Check credit line'
    • Specific batch- or serial number entered in sales order line
    • Debtor specific 'external shelf life' limitation for batch items
    • Debtor specific SKU type limitation
    • without this scenario, Replenishment is only based on item total requirements, without regard for order- or debtor specific needs
  • Order-specific stock, such as a specific batch- or serial number which was entered in a sales order line, is replenished to bulk locations nearby the item main location (and allowing breaking up)
    • to support 'nearby', it is possible to configure distances between locations
    • without this scenario, order-specific stock is not recognized by Replenishment


Basic process

When scenario '1' is active, a sales order picking advice has to exist (in status 'advice' or 'picking'), before replenishment orders can be generated. Generating the sales order picking advice can be done manually in control center Sales order fulfillment, or by using the Autoqueue service for sales orders. Replenishment (either through Control Center or by using Autoqueue) then generates replenishment orders and picking advices based on the existing sales order picking advices.

The sales order picking advice will already be based on the total available warehouse stock per item, anticipating continuous real-time replenishment) in the same warehouse as the order line, and the advised picking location will always be the item main location. Only for order-specific stock (see section 'Order specific circumstances' below), bulk locations near the item main location will be advised.

The replenishment Autoqueue process keeps scanning whether there are new replenishment requirements on the picking locations, based on physical (=real-time and 'picked', not necessarily processed) stock, and will send these new replenishment orders picking again. To avoid very small replenishment orders, you can either set the Autoqueue service interval (see TimerInterval) to a higher value than 10 seconds, or set the minimum stock level for the picking locations to a low level.



Following license modules are required to be able to use real-time replenishment:

  • SE1381 E-WMS II (or older license SE5710 Pick-IT Replenishment)
  • SE1312 E-Warehouse location

Following preconditions apply with regard to settings and configuration.

  • The replenishment setting 'Requirements only' is enabled. When this setting is disabled, then there is no difference compared with the logic used when the scenario setting is set to 'None', except for instance for the setting 'Regard picked as issued' which is always applied as 'enabled' when the scenario is set to '1'.  Following preconditions apply to a situation where the setting 'Requirements only' is enabled.
  • WMS Sales order fulfilment general setting 'Scenario': set to scenario '1'
  • Scenario '1' supports replenishing within one warehouse (bulk stock and picking locations must be in the same warehouse)
  • Usage of warehouse locations is enabled
  • The items to pick must have a default (main) location
  • Picking locations are configured as replenishment target locations in WMS Item Locations
    • minimum and maximum stock levels configured in menu WMS, Setup, Location Management, Item locations
    • make sure the WMS item location is the same as the item main location
  • The Autoqueue service is installed and running. This is not mandatory for the functionality, but otherwise all actions would have to be performed manually in control centers and replenishment orders would not be generated real-time and continuously.
  • For this scenario, a sales order picking advice has to exist first, before a replenishment order and advice is generated. This sales order picking advice can be generated manually in control center Sales Order fulfillment, or can be generated automatically by the Autoqueue service (when enabled for Sales order fulfillment)
    • To automatically generate Sales order fulfilment picking advices, the WMS Sales Order fulfilment setting 'Use Autoqueue' should be enabled
    • The WMS Replenishment settings for Autoqueue are already preset to 'enabled' when this scenario is active.
  • E-WMS Replenishment RF service installed and configured to allow for automatic processing of picked replenishment orders
  • When sales orders require 'order-specific' stock (see below):
    • bulk locations allowing breaking up nearby the item main location
    • configuration of location distances (item main location versus nearby bulk locations)
  • Settings:
    • WMS fulfilment advice setting 'Immediate picking' enabled (otherwise a generated advice will not be sent picking automatically)
    • WMS Replenishment 'generate' setting 'Immediate advising' enabled (otherwise no advice will be generated automatically)
    • WMS Replenishment 'generate' setting 'Requirements only' enabled (otherwise sales orders will not be scanned for requirements)
    • WMS Replenishment advice setting 'Immediate picking' enabled (otherwise a generated advice will not be sent picking automatically)
  • Usage of 'Pick&Pack' or 'regular' use of WMS Replenishment is not supported in this scenario
  • The account used for the Autoqueue service should have rights in all Exact Globe Next warehouses, to avoid recurring error messages in the WMS error log table


Fixed settings

Once the scenario setting has been configured to scenario '1', following E-WMS settings will be disabled and applied automatically:

  • WMS General:
    • regard picked as issued: always enabled
  • WMS Fulfillment:
    • Pick&Pack settings: disabled
  • WMS fulfilment advice:
    • Location advice policy: 'Pick locations only'
    • S/B in orderline: pick and bulk: enabled
    • Pick locations: make locations empty
  • WMS Replenishment:
    • Autoqueue/Generate replenishment orders: enabled
    • Autoqueue/Generate picking advice: enabled


In this scenario, the following actions are performed by the Autoqueue service:

  • Scanning for order replenishment requirements based on existing sales order picking advice (status 'advice' or 'picking')
    • WMS item locations minimum/maximum levels versus current physical (picked) stock
  • Generate replenishment orders for requirements
  • Generate picking advice for these replenishment orders
  • Send replenishment orders picking

Autoqueue can also be used to automatically generate advices for sales orders and send these picking, in that case 'Use Autoqueue' has to be enabled in the WMS Sales Order fulfilment settings.

When picking of the replenishment orders is done, these replenishment orders can be read back, validated and processed. To automate these steps, the WMS Replenishment service should be installed.


Order specific needs

Because in this scenario the WMS sales order advice logic creates the replenishment order and picking advice, replenishment orders will only be created when the sales order would be send picking under normal circumstances. This means that only in this scenario, replenishment can support for instance the WMS Sales order fulfilment setting 'Check credit line'.

A sales order can require 'order-specific stock', which is one of following situations:

  • a specific serial/batch number was entered in the sales order line
  • debtor (or Item by debtor) has 'external shelf life' factor
  • debtor only accepts specific SKU type

In this scenario, order-specific stock is replenished to bulk locations which allow breaking up, nearby the item main location. For this to work properly, location distances have to be configured and the warehouse layout should allow for these type of bulk location near the item main location.


Additional functionality

In addition to above mentioned fixed functionality for this scenario, you have following additional options:

  • create separate replenishment orders per item code, source location and/or target location (WMS Replenishment settings for 'Split orders'). This allows for smaller workload portions on the scanner, and faster processing of picked orders.
  • configure which policy should be used for storing 'order-specific stock' during replenishment: near the item default location, or near the replenishment source location (WMS Replenishment setting 'DPA policy')
  • configure if replenishment should check for full SKUs that could be picked directly from bulk locations, instead of replenishing these to picking locations. This is decided by the WMS fulfilment advice setting 'Full SKU first from bulk location'.
  • On scanner: search for replenishment orders and scan replenishment orders by item code or by source location, instead of only by replenishment order ID. For this purpose, you can configure additional scanner menus.
  • when using WMS Purchase Receipt Registration, WMS will create stock reservations for the stock to be received on the item default location for the purchase lines sent picking and still to be received. This may conflict with Replenishment to that location, since this reservation is regarded in Replenishment as 'already on its way and not be replenished'. For that purpose it is possible (since release 414 or 413SP5) to configure a generic receipt location.



Please see this document for troubleshooting Replenishment.


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