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E-WMS CAB: When do I need to update the item master data on the scanner ?

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This document describes, when it is necessary to export master data to CAB hand terminals, when using Activesync or File communication. This document does not apply when using E-WMS ASP (WMSclient).


When you are not working with wireless hand terminals (RF), you will need to make the item master data available on the hand terminal, if you want to validate scanned item codes.

Export of item master data is only required:

  • when you are working with communication method 'Scanner - Activesync' or 'File'
  • for non-guided scan processes, like transfers, counts, free production issues, WMS stock transactions and E-mobile sales
  • and only when in the scanner settings for one of these modules, the setting 'Validate item code' in section 'Activesync' is enabled
  • or when you want to able to browse on the scanner for existing items, in free scanning processes:

        (screen 1: button to show item browser,  screen 2: list of items exported to the scanner)

For guided processes, like order picking, the item code (and if configured properly, also the 'scan code') is exported together with the order lines to pick.

You will have to export item data to the hand terminals, after:

  • new items have been added in Globe
  • item descriptions have changed (optional)
  • the 'batch' or 'serial' status of items has been changed
  • an E-WMS scan code has been changed
  • the E-WMS setting for 'scan code' has been changed (to use item code or scan code in scanning processes)

When having order lines in progress on the scanner, the scan code and batch/serial status is exported with the order line itself, so exported to the scanner when sending the order lines.

Item data can be exported to the hand terminal in Exact Globe Next menu WMS, Send, Send item data.

Disable item validation on hand terminal
Is it possible to disable the item master data validation on the hand terminal. In that case, item master data does not have to be exported to the scanners. This item validation is only required for unguided scanning processes, like transfers or counts. For processes like order picking, the item code is already validated against the item code in the order line previously sent to the scanner. You can disable item validation in the E-WMS scanner settings per process, for example in System, E-WMS, Scanners, Stock inventory settings, in section 'Active Sync'.

For more information, see for example Scanner stock inventory settings.

Scan codes

Scan codes (alternate recognition codes for your item code) are only recognized when:

  • the WMS general setting for 'export'/'communication' is set to 'scan code'
  • and the item master data is exported AFTER this setting has been changed
  • and when item validation (see above) is enabled on the scanner (translation from scan code to item code is done only on the scanner itself, not on reading back)
  • and when the setting 'scan code' in the WMS module setting (for example in WMS Inventory Settings), is also configured to 'scan code'.

When using Activesync or File communication, only the scan code in Globe 'item maintenance' (WMS button), can be used. When using ASP (or RF), you are able to use 'WMS scancodes', allowing you to define multiple scan codes for one item, and in WMS ASP: to apply a unit factor automatically.

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