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How to install Activesync or Mobile Device Center



Activesync is a Microsoft program to allow communication and synchronization with a mobile device, to your PC. E-WMS needs an Activesync connection to exchange data between Globe and scanner, when no ASP RF (wireless) communication is used.



Starting from Windows Vista, Activesync is replaced by Microsoft with Mobile Device Center (MDC).  MDC is automatically installed with Windows Vista or Windows 7, but you still might need to update to a more higher version (MDC 6.0 needs to be updated to MDC 6.1).


Please note, that Windows 7 or Windows Vista PC's may not properly recognize older hand terminals as a proper USB device. This is not a problem of Activesync of MDC, but of older hardware not supported in recent Windows versions.

For the purpose of proper mobile communication to your PC, it may be necessary to configure a Windows XP (virtual) PC


Activesync for Windows XP

Microsoft Activesync can be downloaded and installed from Microsoft:
Activesync 4.5:

Activesync 4.5 must be used for mobile devices with Windows Mobile 5.x or Windows Mobile 6.x.

For older devices (also for Windows CE) you may use Activesync 3.8 which may behave better in some situations.
Activesync 3.8 can be downloaded from the Exact FTP ( Sync).

You need to be local administrator on the PC where you are installing Activesync.


Windows Mobile Device Center

Vista and Windows 7 may need an update to a higher version of Mobile Device Center. Especially MDC 6.1 is a large improvement over MDC 6.0.

Browse to or you can also download MDC 6.1 from the Exact FTP.


No Microsoft file synchronization required

The installation of Activesync or Mobile Device Center itself is enough, the actual 'file synchronization' of Activesync or MDC is not used by WMS.

To avoid Activesync asking whether you want to establish a partnership each time you connect to a mobile device, you may still want to configure this 'partnership' for the connected device.


Activesync and Mobile Device Center are Microsoft products. For support on these programs you should refer to Microsoft support.




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