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BarTender - configuring a BarTender lay-out for your own environment


This document describes how to change a BarTender label, so you can use it in your own environment. These steps can be used when selecting the client method and these steps need to be followed for each layout.


When obtaining a BarTender lay-out which you did no create yourself it may be necessary to change the label to use it in your environment.
A BarTender label is saved including connection details (server, database, login), last used printer, and any BarTender 'serialized' fields.

A saved BarTender label may not be compatible with older BarTender version, therefore it is possible in BarTender to save lay-outs in an older BarTender format.

Changing connection details

a.    Open the lay-out in Bartender Designer and press the database connection setup icon to access the 'Database setup' screen

b.       Delete the database (Optionally select “Configure Connection” and follow the steps below )

c.    This shows what SQL table or view is used in this lay-out. First, make sure this view or table exists in the database you want to use.Select add a new record and select the “Create a new database connection” radio button.

d.    Change the server name to the SQL server (and instance, if any) you want to connect to.
Change the database to the database you want to use.
Choose the login type and set the login details, preferably a dedicated SQL login to avoid any login problems with other users printing this label. Make sure this SQL user exists and has sufficient rights. 

When using a SQL login, enable the option Allow saving password in this screen and also Save user name and password to format in the previous screen.

e.    Select Next

f.     Select the tables to use for this layout

Changing printer

The last used printer is always saved with a BarTender lay-out, you may or may not have that same printer. You can set the default printer by pressing CTRL-P.


Select the printer you want to use with this label. When this printer type is significantly different from the printer used to create the label, the texts and bar codes in the label may have to be changed or even re-created.

Also keep in mind that BarTender licensing is based on number of used printers, when switching printers.

 After these changes, save the lay-out.

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