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What do I need to know before installing Bartender ?


What do I need to know before installing Bartender ?


License Server

First the Seagull License Server has to be installed (only once) on a server in the network. This is a Windows service, which uses not much resources. With the service, a management tool is installed which can be started in [Start, Programs, Seagull, License Server].


Installing Bartender and licensing

After this, Bartender can be installed on a unlimited number of workstations. On every print or preview, the Seagull License Server is contacted and the used printer is registered. The Enterprise version of the Seagull License Server grants the usage of 3 different printers throughout the network. When a 4th printer is used, Bartender will switch to demo mode (replacing characters randomly in the label). This can be solved by starting the License Server management tool and removing ('DEL') the 'extra' printer(s). This is done by the service itself every 24 hours.


The License server and Bartender have to be registered with the same CD-key supplied to you. This key will be registered online at Seagull and cannot be used in another environment. On re-installing, the key first has to be de-activated (maximum of 3 times, after that, contact Seagull support).


Using more than one License service

See document 17.643.651 - changing the port for the Seagull License Server.


Restart service

It is advisable to restart the License service each night. This can be done by adding a Windows scheduled task which restarts the Seagull License Server once every night (also see 17.672.076 restarting Pick-IT RF services).


Printer driver

Seagull supplies printer drivers for most label printers. Experience learned that the Seagull printer driver is much faster than, for example, the Zebra printer drivers. It is advisable to install the Seagull printer drivers. However, note that existing labels are dependent on the printer driver active when the label was created - if you switch drivers in this case, the lay-out will be mixed up (missing texts and barcodes) and you will have to edit and fix the label.


Database and security

When using a label based on a SQL database you can use either a trusted connection or a specific SQL user. When using a trusted connection, the label user must have read rights directly in the SQL database (which is not necessary for Globe itself). It is advisable to create and use a specific SQL user for Bartender usage, the username and password can be saved with the lay-out.


The server and database are saved with the lay-out. If you want to use the same lay-out in different databases, you will have to create copies of the lay-out, edit each copy to use another database and save it separately. You may want to use specific folders per database. This is also the case when using Bartender integration with Pick-IT, Pick-IT cannot change the database when starting the label.



download Seagull printer driver for label printers

17.643.649 PickTIP Bartender - How can I quickly change the database in an existing Bartender lay-out

17.643.651 PickTIP Bartender - How can I change the port for the Seagull License Server


Pick-IT startpage


Please note: Bartender is not an Exact product, but third-party software ( to design and generate barcode labels


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