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This document describes the settings available for WMS label configuration, in menu System, E-WMS, Labels, as available per release 409. 


In menu System, E-WMS, Labels you can configure what BarTender labels are to be printed in specific E-WMS process steps in Control Centers or on the hand terminal. E-WMS uses different techniques for BarTender integration, when printing from Control Center (or services), and when printing labels from a hand terminal. From release 409 you are able to use BarTender Commander for all E-WMS labels.    

Number A free unique number to identify this label configuration
Description A description which makes this label's purpose clear to yourself
Application The process step when to print this label, for details please see document E-WMS - BarTender integration: mandatory fields and samples for all processes.

There are two basic process types to print labels for:
  • process steps linked to Control Centers (printed from the Control Center and by the E-WMS RF services); this method uses BarTender 'ActiveX' integration and requires BarTender to be installed on the PC where the Control Center was started, or where the service is running

  • hand terminal receipt processes: uses 'BarTender Commander' integration, where the printing is handled by a server  in the network. The following 'applications' are hand terminal processes:

Label Path and label name of the BarTender label to print. This BarTender file must exist for all users using this process step. In case the labels are printed by the E-WMS services and the service uses a specific account, a mapped network drive like 'F:' may not be available. Use real network share names (UNC) instead of mapped network drives. For example:
NOT:   F:\Users\General\Labels\mylabel.btw
BUT:   \\server01\shares\users\general\labels\mylabel.btw
SQL view Name of the SQL view used in that label, the view will be checked by E-WMS for records prior to starting BarTender. Sample views are offered for all processes in this document. Using the SQL view, you can apply your own selections on the records to be printed.
Order debtor Limits the label printing to a specific order debtor, only applies to 'Sales order fulfillment'. Leave empty when not used. This setting is not applied when printing labels from a hand terminal.
Supplier Limits the label printing to a specific supplier, leave empty when not used. Will only work for labels used during Purchase Receipts. This setting is not applied when printing labels from a hand terminal.
Person Limits the label printing to a specific Globe resource, leave empty unless you want to redirect printing to a specific printer. This setting is not applied when printing labels from a hand terminal.
Printer The printer name to use. Set to 'empty' to use the printer configured in the BarTender label (preferred). When selecting a specific printer, please keep in mind that this printer may not be available on all workstations, and using multiple printers may lead easier to Seagull License Server errors. Before product update 407, this setting is applied only when printing labels from a Control Center or RF service.

Starting from release 407, this setting is also applied when printing labels from a hand terminal. However, there is currently a problem in BarTender Commander, where after using a specific printer once, all labels printed after that without a specific printer (printer 'empty' in this screen) will also use that specific printer. This means, when you configure one hand terminal label with a specific printer, you will have to configure all hand terminal labels with specific printers. This problem is known at Seagull development.
Save When enabled, the label layout is saved after printing.  This is necessary when you used BarTender 'serialization' in the label. In that case the user starting the label also needs Windows 'change' rights in the BarTender folder (and network share).  Before release 409, this setting is not applied when printing labels using BarTender Commander.
Active Provided to temporarily disable a label, without having to delete this label configuration. Only labels marked as 'active' will be handled by E-WMS.

General remarks

You are able to configure multiple labels for the same process step. Each of these labels will be printed in sequence, you can determine in the SQL view or for example by filtering on specific debtor- or creditor number, which labels are printed in what circumstances. 

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