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E-WMS: Scanner menu 'Stock' - Item/Stock view on hand terminal

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This document describes the functionality of stock information, menu 'Stock' on an E-WMS scanner.


From release 402, you are able to view detailed stock information on the scanner, using main menu '8  Stock'.

The screenshots and functionality in this document are based on product update 411.



The scanner Stock menu will be by default hidden and can be enabled in Exact Globe Next menu System, E-WMS, Scanner, General scanner settings:

Log in again on the hand terminal after changing this setting, after which you will see a new menu 8 Stock.


The scanner settings for further configuration of 'Stock info' are available from product update 405, in menu System, E-WMS, Scanners, Stock info settings.
After configuration of these settings, do not forget to link the settings profile to the hand terminals, in menu System, E-WMS, Scanners, Scanners.


After selecting menu Stock, you can scan one or more of the following fields or leave these empty (but at least one field besides warehouse must be filled), depending on your desired stock view:

  • warehouse
  • location
  • item code
  • SKU

batch item:

After making a valid selection, the stock list is shown. The following columns are shown in this list:

  • warehouse code (shown in screen title)
  • location code (shown in screen title when a location was scanned, or else in the stock list)
  • item code (shown in the screen title when an item was scanned, or else in the stock list)
  • S/B number, only visible when a specific item was scanned
  • SKU: only when a specific item code was scanned, shows only the outer SKU number for a 2-layer SKU
  • "Stock": shelf stock
  • "Available": Available stock
  • "Reserved": total of WMS reservations

For 'divisible' items, the stock is shown with 3 decimals. For non-divisible items, no decimals are used. Only positive stock positions are shown (stock > 0,0005).
Unprocessed receipts on locations never used before for the item, are not shown in this list.
The default sort order of the stock list is: item, warehouse, location, S/B number.

Scan fields

All fields
In all input fields, a SKU number can be scanned. When doing so, the stock for that SKU is shown immediately. So when identifying a SKU, scanning the SKU in the warehouse field would be most efficient.

Available options: leave empty, change to valid warehouse code, scan a SKU number.
Filling only a warehouse code and no location or item code is not allowed. When entering a specific warehouse code, also a location and/or an item code has to be scanned.

Available options: leave empty, scan valid location, scan a SKU number.

Item code
Available options: leave empty, scan valid item code, scan a SKU number.
Scanning an EAN128 barcode is supported; the setting Use EAN128 is applied from menu System, E-WMS, Scanners, Sales order fulfilment settings, and also the general EAN128 settings from System, E-WMS, Scanners, General scanner settings.

Will only be shown when a SKU item code was scanned, to select a specific SKU. It is more efficient to just scan the SKU number in the warehouse field.


Sample stock lists

Showing stock for a specific location (only location was scanned):


Showing stock for a specific SKU batch item (only item code was scanned):


Scanning a SKU number in the 'warehouse' field:

Item/Stock view on hand terminal

When the wrh: only or wrh: and loc: fields are entered and an item is selected the user can select the item code (in the item field) to see a short summary of the item information.

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