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PU 423|422|421 (Globe) and 500|422|421 (Globe+): Intrastat return in XML introduced (German legislation)

You can now submit your INTRASTAT reports in XML format. Previously, the reports had to be submitted in ASCII format. With the recent requirement changes, ASCII will no longer be supported in financial year 2022 and will be replaced by XML format.

Additionally, the setting Interchange Agreement ID is now available in the INTRASTAT settings (accessible through System > General > Settings). This ID is mandatory for your Intrastat submission. For the first submission of the Intrastat return through the IDEV portal, you will need to submit a test file with the value of the Interchange Agreement ID field defined as "XGTEST". When this field is not defined in Exact Globe, the <Interchange AgreementID> tag in the XML file will be labelled as "XGTEST".

When this test file has been successfully processed, the Federal Statistical Office will assign you an Interchange Agreement ID. You can then fill in this ID at the Interchange Agreement ID field. For details, go to

Generate reports in XML

You can generate an XML report by going to Invoice > Statistics > Intrastat and select XML in the Criteria section. With this option selected, you can choose to generate the reports for sales or purchase transactions, or both. You can generate the reports for both transactions by selecting the newly added All option at the Type drop-down. This is only applicable to XML.


When the XML file is generated, a PDF file is also created and contains the summary pages based on the type (Sales, Purchase or All) and report (None, Compressed, or Extensive) that you have selected. The following is a sample of the XML file:

Sample XML file

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