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PU 423|422|421 (Globe) and 500|422|421 (Globe+): Support for recording letter of intent (Italy legislation)

From 1 January 2022, as part of legislation requirements, users will need to declare any letter of intent that they received. In the generated XML file to be submitted to tax authorities, the AltriDatiGestionali block is required to record this.

To cater to this, the Reference data and Reference date fields were introduced in Exact Globe Next. This is captured in the Financial tab of the debtor card when E-Invoice Details is clicked. Reference data is the specific reference number of the invoice debtor assigned by tax authorities while Reference date is the date when the reference number was given to the invoice debtor

Furthermore, the following changes were made to the generated XML file:

  • An AltriDatiGestionali block is included.
  • The TipoDato element has the value INTENTO.
  • RiferimentoTesto and RiferimentoData elements are recorded.

The AltriDatiGestionali block will be generated when Nature field in the VAT maintenance screen is specified as N3.5 (thereby indicating the transaction resulted from a letter of intent). Therefore, it is advised that a VAT code is created specifically for letter of intent purposes where Nature is N3.5.

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