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Product Updates 418, 417, and 416: Fiscal taxonomy version 6.1 now supported (German legislation)

A new taxonomy version 6.1 (2017.04.01) has been introduced and can be imported into Exact Globe Next. The latest taxonomy version will use the financial reporting of year 2018.

With this implementation, users are able to link the latest taxonomies, copy existing mappings to the taxonomy version 6.1, as well as generate and submit instance documents electronically using ELSTER. For more information, see

Note: If your machine is running on Windows 10, the “usr” folder in the Exact software installation folder must be granted a full control right. This is to ensure that the instance documents will be sent successfully.

Changes have been made to the following:

In the Import taxonomy screen, a new option called “Fiscal Taxonomie 6. 1 – 2017.04.01” has been added to the list of options at Action.

The taxonomy version can be copied using the existing functionality in the Copy mappings screen, as displayed in the following:

Once the taxonomy has been successfully imported, the normal GAAP or the MicroBilG version, as well as the GCD, can be viewed in the Taxonomy screen, as displayed in the following:

As for the creation of instance documents, the taxonomy version can be selected in the overview screen as follows:

Once the New button is clicked, the Taxonomy screen will be displayed. The instance documents can be generated by selecting the financial year and the new version, and then clicking the Generate button.

For more information on the previous taxonomy, see Product Updates 416, 415, and 414: Fiscal taxonomy version 6.0 now supported (German legislation).

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