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Product Update 407: Net mass displays round off value for Intrastat (British legislation)

The net mass (weight) has been set to display the round off value in the Intrastat reports instead of the decimal value in the previous updates prior to product update 407. If the net mass value is less than or equals to 1.44, then the display value will be set to 1.00. Otherwise, the value will be rounded up to the nearest integer if the fraction is half and above. Anything less than half will be rounded down. For example, the net mass value of 6.7 will be rounded to 7 while the net mass value of 8.2 will be rounded to 8.

The generation of the INTRASTAT report can be administered via Invoice à Statistics à Intrastat. For more information, see Product Update 404: New screen for INTRASTAT reports (British legislation).


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