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Product Updates 422, 421, and 420: Introduction of Country of Assembly field for INTRASTAT (Dutch legislation)

Exact continuously improves its products. In line with this, we are introducing the Country of assembly field for you to record the country in which the goods was assembled. This is in line with INTRASTAT requirements. This affects the following changes:

  • The ability to record the country of assembly in Exact Globe Next for intracommunity sales transactions. This in line with INTRASTAT reporting requirements.
  • INTRASTAT return data (XML file) is updated to reflect the recording of the country of assembly.

To enable this feature, the Country of assembly field is added to the following screens:

  • Item maintenance screens:
    • Invoice > Items > Maintain
    • Order > Items > Maintain
    • Inventory > Items > Maintain
    • Purchase > Items > Maintain
  • Entry screens:
    • Order > Entries > Sales orders
    • Order > Entries > Recurring Sales Orders/ Enter
    • Order > Entries > RMA orders
    • Invoice Entry > Direct invoices
    • CRM > Entries > Quotations

In addition, the country of assembly is included in the following outputs from the Invoice > Statistics > Intrastat screen:

  • The Microsoft Excel report.
  • The INTRASTAT XML return file (the position previously reserved for the country of origin is now filled with the value of the country of assembly).

Note that the Country of assembly field is closely tied to the Country of origin field. The following behaviour applies:

  • If you specify the country of origin but not the country of assembly, then the country of assembly will be automatically populated with the same country as specified for the country of origin.
  • The Country of Assembly field can be blank only if the Country of Origin is field also blank.
  • When generating the INTRASTAT XML return file, if the Country of Origin field is blank, the position reserved for the country of assembly will be populated with "NL".

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